Issue and Campus Actions

Energy use associated with transportation is a leading contributor to climate change emissions. Brandeis’ emissions come from gasoline powered cars, trucks and busses. As costs escalate, using oil and gasoline will become a large financial burden on the campus community. The university is looking at ways to improve access to public transportation, reduce single occupant vehicle rides to campus, and make the campus more pedestrian friendly.

  • The university has adopted a “No Idling Policy” for campus vehicles.

  • Zipcar, a car sharing service, is available on campus.

  • Our efforts to reduce the amount of waste that must be transported off campus will also help reduce carbon emissions.

Campus Shuttles

Brandeis operates shuttles and busses around campus and to Waltham and Boston. For more information, visit the Public Safety Web site.

trainPublic Transportation to Brandeis: MBTA

Brandeis is accessible through a few public transportation options. 

Staff can purchase monthly MBTA passes through a pre-tax program. Graduate Students can receive discounts on monthly passes.

  • Commuter Rail

The "Brandeis-Roberts" commuter rail station is located on South Street across from the Epstein building. The commuter rail goes inbound to Boston and Cambridge and outbound to towns to the west. In Cambridge, the train stops at Porter Square, where connections can be made to the Red Line of Boston's subway system known as the "T." In Boston, the train stops at North Station, where the Green and Orange T lines are available. For more information, including schedules and maps, visit the MBTA Web site.

  • Busses

The number 553/554 bus runs by Brandeis, goes through the center of Waltham and into Newton. The 70 and 70A buses go to Central Square in Cambridge by way of Watertown. Take the bus from Main Street, at the end of South Street near the Walgreen's, or at the Cedarwood stop, located at the back end of campus. Bus routes are available on the MBTA Web site.

  • Subway

The Riverside T station in Newton is a 5 minute drive from Brandeis, and is the last stop of the Green D Line. Parking and cab service are available at Riverside.


Riding a bicycle to work is a great way to exercise, save money and help the environment. There are bike racks around campus and showers available at the Gosman Sports Center.


  • Wear a helmet and you can reduce your risk of head injury by 85 percent.

  • To prevent theft, employees and students should purchase a lock for their bicycle. Lock your bike every time you leave it.

  • Be safe; learn your route and how traffic flows (on- and off-campus). Pick routes that are safest when encountering motor vehicles.

Other Resources:

Waltham Bike Shop

Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition


Brandeis has partnered with MassRides, a state program, to make commuting options easier. MassRides maintains a database of commuters who are a exploring carpool or vanpools option. The system matches commuters (either on campus or at other businesses in Waltham) based on several factors like workday schedule and location of residence. There is no obligation to join a carpool or vanpool when you sign up to be a part of the database. Once you are matched with other commuters, you have the option to pursue a commuting relationship. For more information and to join the database, visit or call 1-888-4COMMUTE.

Zipcar: Car-Sharing Service

Beginning Monday September 15, 2008 Brandes is offering a car-sharing service through Zipcar. The cars are located at the Stoneman Public Safety/Campus Police Building Parking Lot. University faculty, staff, and students aged 18+  interested in using the cars, can apply for and purchase a membership at

The presence of Zipcars should help encourage students and staff to use public transporation options by still having affordable access to a car when needed. Zipcar estimates that each Zipcar replaces over 15 privately-owned vehicles. Learn more from Zipcar about the green benefits of car-sharing.

Please direct any customer service questions to 1-866-4ZIPCAR or review their website at


Perhaps it does’t need mentioning, but walking is a viable transportation option! Next time you have an errand to do, think about the amount of time and stress it can take to get in a car, drive in traffic, park, and repeat, and then compare it to walking. You receive untold health benefits and may even save time and money. The Brandeis campus, although hilly, is compact and easily walkable. Improvements to campus sidewalks and the main "pedestrian" spine will help make Brandies a more pedestrian-friendly campus. Take a look at the campus map to plan your route.