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OMG Have a pressing Eco Q?!?

Have no fear, your Eco-Rep is here …well, virtually.text

Introducing: Text your Eco-Rep!

Just text 731-4ECOREP (731-432-6737) with any burning question regarding how you can better your environment and an eco-rep will respond ASAP!


Example 1:

Text: Hey dude, waz up? Can I recycle my soda bottle? ty

EcoRep Response: obvs! Just look for blue or green recycle bins in every quad. Keep it green :-P

Example 2:

Text: So…can I compost my tea bag?

EcoRep: tots! There are composts in Ziv, Mods and Grad, xoxo your ecorep

Add 731-4ECOREP (731-432-6737) to your phone today!

You can also send an e-mail to