Like a Green Campus?

Sustainability Accomplishments

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Since 2004, the comprehensive Energy Savings Program has resulted in millions of dollars of savings. Energy efficient lighting has been placed in many buildings, upgrades have been made to the steam system, and improved heating and cooling machinery has been installed.

Building all new construction to LEED Silver Standards, a green building standard resulting in energy savings.

Students in the “Greening the Ivory Tower” classes go outside the classroom to creative innovative projects. Including; wetlands protection, environmental education for low income children, and labeling storm drains to prevent pollution.

Reducing single car trips by providing, ZipCar, a car sharing service.

Recipient of a “Champions of Sustainability in Communities” award from the Sustainable Endowments Institute for creating community gardens.

Student “Eco-Reps” conduct peer leadership in their dorms- helping reduce energy use by over 10% during a campus Energy Challenge.

The recycling system was recently overhauled to “Single Stream” and Brandeis participated in the national Recyclemania contest.

All waste from dining facilities is sent to WeCare, a commercial composting facility- reducing waste by hundred of tons per year.

All students were given a reusable water bottle- do help “Break the Bottled Water Habit” and reduce plastic use on campus.

On-campus Farmers Market, organized by students, brings fresh local produce to the community.

15 percent of the university's electricity is supplied Green-E certified wind power and we are looking into options for on campus renewable energy generation

Charter signatory to the American College & and University Presidents Climate Commitment a national effort of over 500 Universities to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions on campuses. Brandeis is a member of AASHE, the Associate of Sustainability in Higher Education.