Clean Streams Action Plan

The Clean Streams group created the following Action Plan:

Stage One
  • A clean-up day in which students remove trash from the site. clean up day

Stage Two
  • Cut away an approximately three foot portion of the curb running along the wooded sid of the road next to the chapels to allow run-off to flow directly into wooded area.
  • Place trash barrels around the parking lot and erect permanent signage along the stream bank informing the public about the adjacent natural area and requesting that all trash be placed in barrels.trash

Stage Three
  • Build forebays in three locations along the stream and install a pipe between two of the forebays to allow equal distribution of water between the different sections of the stream and prevent backflow/overflow.
  • Remove invasive species from stream area.road cut

Stage Four
  • Using the stabilization of the bank provided by forebays, build vegetative swales along the bank of the stream to both filter and slow the run-off water as it enters the stream from the parking lot, prevent trash build-up in the stream, and continue the presence of green spaces around campus.woods