Trivia Game Questions 

Fishing Game Facts


Trivia Game- Children are split into two teams and participate in a Jeopardy-style game. The questions are arranged in four categories-Nature, Energy, Pollution and Recycling, and are worth 100, 200, 300 or 400 points.


Recycling Relay Race- Children are split into two teams and are given a bag containing a mixture of trash and recyclables. The first member picks an item out of the bag and races to place the item in either a trash can, paper recycling bin, or plastic recycling bin. The member will run back to tag the next person in line until everyone has gone once.

Optional- If the item is trash the child skips to the can, if it is paper they hop on one foot, and plastic they hop on two feet.


Pollution Fishing Game- Paper cutouts of fish are placed among pictures of trash and pollution in a cluster on the floor, representing a river. The children line up on both sides of the river, and are responsible for eliminating the pollution. They take turns removing the trash by using fishing rods to catch loops of tape on the pictures.


What Can YOU Do- A poster with pictures of children helping the environment is placed at the front of the group of kids, asking the question “What can YOU do?” The subheadings read – morning, meals, play, night, and other. Children volunteer ways they can help the environment in each category and receive cutouts of stars if they practice this.


Arts and Crafts- Children decorate templates for light switch covers with sayings to remind them to save energy by turning off the lights. Children are also provided with coloring sheets about recycling and energy.

Scavenger Hunt- Teams are given a list of items to find outside and activities involving nature. Examples include find three different colored leaves, pick up four pieces of trash, run around the bases, and count the trees by the playground.