Spring 2006

These grants have been awarded to student- and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

Grant Recipient Project Title and Description

Naomi Safra-Hon
Dror Weiss

"A Land Twice Promised" A Story Told by Noa Baum
Storyteller Noa Baum, an Israeli who began a heartfelt dialogue with a Palestinian woman while living in the United States, talks about their memories and their mother's stories. She presents a moving testimony illuminating the complex and contradictory history and emotions that surround Jerusalem for Israelis and Palestinians alike. 

Seth Bernstein
Dan Castle

A Long Way to Go
Teatro Revolucion's film on a theme of personal identity, a subject matter that lies at the core of Teatro's mission to promote cross-cultural and inter-communal understanding. Set against the legalization of the same sex marriage and the tumultuous period of freshman year, the film explores the tension between the ever changing nature of personal identity and the desire to feel self-mastery by remaining fixed and unchanged. 

James Ansorge
Sam Vaghar

Activist Gala
A dinner and gala to celebrate the achievements of the Brandeis Activist Community, and to foster a spirit of collaboration in the future. 

Quyen Tran
Qian Cao

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month kicks off March with Opening Ceremonies, beginning a month of celebration and exploration of Asian Pacific American heritage, achievements, and identities. 

Catherine Heffernan
Alana Hamlett

Brandeis Hunger Project and Cattle Drive
The Brandeis Cattle Drive is a week-long initiative to provide information on real solutions to world hunger, and to help raise money for the Heifer Project. The Brandeis Hunger Project Banquet end the week with a night of information, action, and fun. 

Olajide Olangunju

Brandeis Leadership Peacebuilding Workshop
The vision of the workshop, "global peace through local capacity", is rooted in the belief that informed individual contribution to coexistence and peace-building in one's immediate environment/community sows a seed for peace everywhere. By the end of this workshop series, each participant will have a better personal capacity to intervene successfully in conflict situations. 

Joseph Farbeann
Baya Harrison

Brandeis Middle East Review
The Brandeis Middle East Review, a non-partisan and non-denominational publication, focuses on educating its readers on the Middle East of both today and the past by addressing political, cultural and religious topics specific to individual countries as well as to the entire region. 

Tanya Fredman
Alana Hamlett

Buddies Without Borders
This program will help students from diverse backgrounds to create personal relationships with each other, thereby breaking down the normal barriers that exist between cultural, religious, political, sexual, or otherwise defined communities. 

Satarra Davis
Natalie Johnson

Carribean Connexion Kick-Off
The event kicks off Caribbean week, which will include various speakers, performances, and cultural experiences. 

Tanya Fredman
Diana Chiang

Dance Around the World
Professional dance instructors and student led campus groups will teach selections of dances from their culture and tradition and share the role their type of dance plays or has played in history and society. Dancers will then have an opportunity to participate in Deis-a-thon, an all night dance party to raise money for a battered women's shelter, and will have a chance to show what they learned. 

Anna Lober

ESL Book Project
ESL Learning Initiative is a way of reaching out to Usdan and Sherman employees and letting them know that they are not overlooked by students. The main purpose is to enhance the cafeteria workers' knowledge of the English language, so that they may be more comfortable communicating with people both within and outside the Brandeis community. 

Sarah Krevsky
Alyson Sachs

Health and Sexuality in College
A week of events with the goal of educating the community on issues relating to domestic violence, sexuality and relationships. Tristan Taormino will be speaking on smart and healthy sexuality during college. 

Jessica Kent
Marci McPhee

How Can I Find G-d?
An interactive discussion exploring personal faith, spirituality, triumphs, challenges, spirituality and G-D, where intellectually stimulating ideas will be shared. 

Binny Kagedan
Thomas Ahn

Intercultural Barbeque
The barbeque will be a fun event open to the entire campus which will bring together members of many cultural groups. There will be Frisbees, cultural music, and a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

Tanya Fredman
Farisha Mohammed

Interfaith Coffeehouse
A coffeehouse is a wonderful event that brings together many different faiths on campus in a relaxed and peaceful setting. This year, we will be debuting a film featuring members of Brandeis faculty, students, and staff speaking about their religious experiences. 

Marci Simon
Ariel Berman

Kate Bornstein
Kate Bornstein, a postmodern gender activist, author and performance artist visits the Brandeis campus to educate and raise awareness about transgender and genderqueer communities. 

Noam Smooha

Middle East Music Ensemble
This event will feature four Boston-area musicians of the Middle Eastern genre (oud, kanun, tabla, and violin) and Noam Smooha '06 (vocals) performing a set of Arabic and Jewish songs of Middle Eastern origin, emphasizing the similarities between the various traditions therein. 

Lindsey Abramowitz
Dominique Dupont-Dubois

One, Respe: An Evening With Haiti
This project will be both an examination of current political and social issues in Haiti as well as a celebration of the rich Haitian culture. 

Jason Fenster
Anna Berezina

Purim Party
The party draws many students, not just Jewish ones, and provides insight into Jewish identity and culture on campus. It will be a unique and enjoyable opportunity for students to see an aspect of Judaism that is not often present on our campus.

 Jessica Keweshan

Sharing Our Faiths with the Muslim Student Association
Sharing Our Faiths is a program that encourages religious exploration and understanding by working with the organized religious groups on campus. It seeks to unite people from different backgrounds through a thoughtful discussion of faith traditions.

Jonathon Kay
Michael Carnow

"The Water Children"
This drama by Wendy Macleod explores the controversial debate surrounding abortion and womens' reproductive rights. The play explores the dialogue surrounding this complicated issue, and gives voice to both sides of the issue. The play also explores different cultural assumptions, and introduces the Japanese belief of mizuko kuyo ("water children"), or the manifestation of the soul of an aborted fetus.