Spring 2009

These grants have been awarded to student- and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

Grant Recipient

Project title

Tzipora Hait
Leora Perkin

A Unique Perspective on Homosexuality
Rabbi Steve Greenberg is the only openly gay orthodox Rabbi. Over the course of his weekend at Brandeis, he will deliver a series of lectures, informal talks, and a movie screening of "Trembling Before God," a documentary film on Orthodox homosexuals in which he is featured.

Miriam Cooper
Yonit Bousany

ELL Book: Music from Around the World

Rachel Lewis
Kaamila Mohamed

Jewminicana: The Intersection between Religious and Racial Identity
Aliza Hausman, a Dominican Jew strongly connected to both her Latina and Jewish heritage, will speak about her commitment to two identities that often do not cross over and the unique position this places her in within both communities.

Rachel Lewis
Juhi Chada

Mitzvahs for Mumbia Carnival
A fun day of games, food and good deeds that aims to bring all different parts of our community together as we experience a shared sentiment of kindness and unity to combat the hatred that ravaged Mumbai a few months ago.

Ishita Lambda
Shailee Vora

Celebration of Holi

Coretta Garlow

Playback Theatre Workshop
Come learn the foundations of Playback theatre with professional playback actor Sheila Donio. Nourishing food will be provided. Anyone in the Brandeis community with interest in theater, movement, music, or social justice should come!

Shana Lebowitz
Kaye Reyes

The Vagina Monologues
The eighth annual staging of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" at Brandeis. The performances mark the beginning of V-Week, which takes place from March 5 to March 12, 2009.

Philips Loh
Lindsay Bruce

"I am the First"
A fun-filled event to celebrate programs that help first generation college students to succeed. Everyone who attends will have the privilege of hearing students and faculty discuss what it means to be a first-generation college student at Brandeis University and at the end reach a more thoughtful and enduring understanding of the issues faced. 

Neda Eid
Jessica Kent

Jews.and.Muslims Session: Homies in Harmony III
We've hosted Homies in Harmony 1 and 2 to foster positive relationships between the Muslim and Jewish community at Brandeis through Music, food, and friendship. This year, we'd like to expand the relationships through a respectful but challenging conversation. Please join us for a student panel, bring your own thoughts and questions, and dig into some free refreshments for JAM Session 2009. Torah and Quran passages will introduce the event and a musical performance will conclude it. This event is sure to be phenomenal, so come on by!

Bohyun Lee

Korean Night
K-Nite is one of the largest annual cultural events held at Brandeis. It is composed of unique performances and presentations that strive to spread the art and knowledge of Korean tradition and culture, touching crucial aspects of Korea such as politics, history, arts and traditional clothes and food.

Jason Simon-Bierenbaum

B.O.M.S (Brandeis Open Mic Series)
B.O.M.S is a weekly event that starts off with an open mic portion to showcase any original performance art, especially poetry, followed by a world recognized spoken word artist. It is then finished off with a poetry slam towards the creation of the Brandeis Poetry Slam Team.

Chatara Ellis
Shannon Cabell

MLK Weekend of Service
A weekend long celebration of the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. including Dinner for Facilities and Dining Hall Employees
. A pasta dinner will be served to the Facilities and Dining Halls staff to show our appreciation for all of their hard work.

Judith Eissenberg
Wayne Marshall

Nettle: Music for a Nu World

Music for a Nu World is a live ensemble of violin, Arabic string instrument, percussion, electronics, and real-time sampling. They rejoice in diverse histories and cultures through the universal narrative of music with north African folksong, free improvisation, and Arab classical traditions merged with digital experimentalism, gritty electronics, and hip hop breakbeats.

Timothy Pracher-Dix

Thesis Project

Sandhya Nambudripad

Untangling the Web; Different Perspectives to Achieve Health Parity

FIMRC members will share their experiences volunteering in two impoverished Peruvian clinic as well as discuss the similarities and differences between the Costa Rican project sites members have assisted in previous years. During this time we will also facilitate a discussion between professors and scholars well-versed in areas that have an impact on glocal health. We will analyze the problem of disparities in international health through the perspectives of therese various areas of expertise and discuss the importance all thses schools of study have on global issues. We will also demonstrate how melding these perspectives these perspectives together to get a holistic view of global health can leadto new avenues that can be taken to facilitate changes.

Debra Singer
Noam Sienna

"You can't be a lesbian - you're Jewish!"
Leslea Newman is coming to Brandeis to speak about being Jewish and a Lesbian. She will talk about issues of dual identity.

Olen Shen
Qiong Lin

Lunar New Year
A performance exhibiting various aspects of Chinese culture and the Chinese New Year traditions followed by dinner and a night market.

Christina Luo
Kaamila Mohamed

Monsters, Messiahs, or Something Else? Mixed-Race in Science Fiction Movies
An interactive presentation given by multiraciality speaker Eric Hamako on the portrayal of mixed-race individuals in science fiction movies.

Alison Better
Thomas Arnott

Sexualities Discussion Group
Group meets to discuss issues in sexualities on a weekly basis. Topics are selected two weeks in advance, with meetings typically being led by students who have particular interest in the week's topic. Since everyone has sexuality, this group transcends the scope of current LGTB issues on campus, and we seek to approach matters in an academic manner.