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Area of Expertise
robert hunt

Robert Hunt

Professor Emeritus


Social anthropology, economic anthropology, comparative methods, irrigation agriculture; Mesoamerica, United States.
David Jacobson

David Jacobson

Professor Emeritus


Social anthropology. Urban social organization. Psychosocial transitions. Families and households. Computer-mediated communication. United States. Africa.
Rick Parmentier

Rick Parmentier

Professor of Anthropology


Semiotic anthropology, historical anthropology, communications and media, myth and ritual, Oceania, contemporary United States, Middle Ages.
benson saler

Benson Saler

Professor Emeritus


Comparative religion and folk philosophies, psychological anthropology, pastoral peoples; Americana, Mesoamerica, South America. To view his publications, click here.
robert zeitlin

Robert Zeitlin

Professor Emeritus


Sociocultural evolution, prehistoric exchange, pre state and early state societies, archaeological method and theory; Mesoamerica.