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robert hunt

Robert Hunt

Professor Emeritus


Social anthropology, economic anthropology, comparative methods, irrigation agriculture; Mesoamerica, United States.
David Jacobson

David Jacobson

Professor Emeritus


Social anthropology. Urban social organization. Psychosocial transitions. Families and households. Computer-mediated communication. United States. Africa.

David Kaplan

Professor Emeritus

1929 - 2012, In Memoriam

Economic anthropology, method and theory, peasant culture; Mesoamerica.
benson saler

Benson Saler

Professor Emeritus


Comparative religion and folk philosophies, psychological anthropology, pastoral peoples; Americana, Mesoamerica, South America. To view his publications, click here.
robert zeitlin

Robert Zeitlin

Professor Emeritus


Sociocultural evolution, prehistoric exchange, pre state and early state societies, archaeological method and theory; Mesoamerica.