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Emily Canning

Linguistic anthropology. Language ideology, ethnicity and nationalism, writing systems, religion. Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan Mon Wed 2:00-3:00

Keridwen Luis


Culture theory, women's studies, gender studies, gender theory, nonheternormative sexualities, fandom and fan identity, medical anthropology, anthropology of the body, intentional communities, consciously created culture, folklore and magical practice, personhood, agency, and identity. Wed. 1:00-3:00

Moises Lino e Silva

Lecturer, Joint appointment with Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Brazilian urban life, favelas, the question of freedom in its relationship to wider topics such as poverty, sexuality, religion, violence, social justice, globalization, and linguistic practices. Mon. Wed. 11:00-12:00

Ryo Morimoto

University Prize Instructor
Semiotic anthropology, anthropology of disaster and loss; post-disaster trauma and social/cultural changes in relationship to the politics of memory; relationship between semiology and semiotics; Japan. Thur. 4:00-5:00

Travis Parno

Travis G. Parno

Archaeology, historic house sites, agrarian middle-class America, heritage and museum studies, material culture, smuggling and illegal trade; New England and the West

Tuesday 12:00-2:00


Leigh Swigart

Linguistic anthropology, African languages and international justice,
the international judiciary, African urban speech varieties, US
immigration and refugee resettlement from Africa.
Tues 2:00-4:00