Research Scholars

Faculty Area of Expertise

George N. Appell

Senior Visiting Research Scholar

Social anthropology; Insular Southeast Asia, in particular Borneo ethnography; emergent nature of social systems; property relations and land tenure; social change and the processes of bio-social adaptation; indigenous oral literature; the ethics of anthropological inquiry; human rights and development; epistemological issues in social anthropological inquiry; female roles and rights. 

Mark Auslander

Visiting Research Scholar

Sociocultural anthropology; museums and memory work, ritual and globalization, art and aesthetics; Africa and the African diaspora.

Eileen Dryden

Visiting Research Scholar

Applied anthropology, evaluation anthropology, community-based participatory research and evaluation, environmental anthropology, conservation and sustainable development, Mexico and the United States.

James Herron

Visiting Research Scholar

Linguistic anthropology. Pragmatics and social interaction. Political economy. Bureaucracy and the state. Latin America. Andes. Colombia.

Justeen Hyde

Visiting Research Scholar

Cultural constructions of risk, medicalization of social problems, adolescence, child welfare institutions, community-based participatory research and evaluation, politics of public health.

Keridwen Luis

Visiting Research Scholar
Culture theory, women's studies, gender studies, gender theory, nonheternormative sexualities,
fandom and fan identity, medical anthropology, anthropology of the body, intentional
communities, consciously created culture, folklore and magical practice, personhood, agency, and identity.

Caitrin Lynch

Visiting Research Scholar

Cultural anthropology, gender, labor, nationalism, and globalization; South Asia (specifically, postcolonial Sri Lanka) and the United States.

Megan McCullough

Visiting Research Scholar

Medical anthropology. Cross-cultural understandings of the body, anthropological approaches to reproduction, indigenous people and health disparities, urban indigenous people, gender, kinship and social networks, exchange, and personhood.

Ellen Messer

Visiting Research Scholar
Biocultural and policy-engaged anthropology. Study of food, security, religion, and human rights with special ethnographic emphasis on Latin America.

Rikardo Shedden

Visiting Research Scholar
Anthropology of religion and morality, with a focus on vernacularized Christianity; healing and culturally informed notions of medicine; performativity in ritual; syncretism and emergent religious traditions.

Donald Slater

Visiting Research Scholar
Archaeology; Maya/Mesoamerican caves, cosmology, shamanism, and religion. Theory of landscape/cosmoscape, power, agency, and personhood. Material culture and museology. Expeditionary learning.

Charles Ziegler, PhD'83

Senior Visiting Research Scholar

Industrial and applied anthropology. Click to view his Curriculum Vitae.