Full-Time Faculty

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Area of Expertise
Patricia Alvarez Stacie

Patricia Alvarez Astacio

Lecturer in Anthropology


Visual culture, material culture, indigeneity, capitalism,  aesthetics, fashion and design studies, ethnographic documentary, Peru, Andes, Latin America
Jon Anjaria

Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Director of Graduate Studies


Urban anthropology, ethnographies of citizenship and the state, political ecology; South Asia
Elizabeth Ferry

Elizabeth Emma Ferry

Professor of Anthropology


Economic anthropology, collections, social studies of finance, materiality and value, labor, corporations and business, anthropology of mining and minerals. Mexico, U.S.
Charles Golden

Charles Golden

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Chair of Latin and Latin American Studies


Archaeology of complex societies, modern contexts of archaeological research, Mesoamerica, the Maya.

Anita Hannig

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Undergraduate Advisor


Medical anthropology, ritual and religion, gender, anthropology of the body, critical development studies, (post)colonialism; Ethiopia, Africa.
sarah lamb

Sarah Lamb

Professor of Anthropology 


Sociocultural theory, gender, medical anthropology, aging, self and person, migration and transnationalism; South Asia, United States.
janet mcintosh

Janet McIntosh, Chair

Associate Professor of Anthropology


Psychological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, religion; East Africa.
Pascal Menoret

Pascal Menoret

Renée and Lester Crown Chair in Modern Middle East Studies


Urban History, Urban Planning, Saudi Arabia, Arabian Peninsula
ellen schattschneider 

Ellen Schattschneider

Associate Professor of Anthropology


Anthropology of religion, psychoanalytic theory, anthropology of the body, East Asia, Japan.
javier urcid

Javier Urcid,

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Jane's Chair of Latin American Studies


Archaeology, complex societies, writing systems, bioarchaeology; Mesoamerica.