Brandeis Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at Brandeis combines the informality, flexibility and general friendliness of a small department with the intellectual vigor of a faculty whose research accomplishments have placed it among the top departments in the country.

Courses and seminars range from introductory classes to the frontiers of current research. In many, especially at advanced levels, faculty members will often be in the audience with students lecturing. The result is an active dialogue among all members of the department and a general air of living, creative mathematics.

Brandeis students are fortunate to be in an area teeming with first-rate universities. You will find a wealth of lectures, seminars, colloquia and opportunities for contact with mathematicians at Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern and the many other area schools. This unusual concentration creates a mathematical community of unparalleled diversity and depth.

In addition to mathematics, the Boston area is well known for its lively cultural and social life. The large academic population has created an active intellectual environment that provides many social and recreational opportunities.