Division of Science Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As scientists, we use a combination of theoretical and experimental approaches to understand and predict the workings of the natural world. As educators, we empower students to use the scientific method, which includes experimentation, computation, critical thinking, and mathematical reasoning, to solve practical problems of many different kinds. As a community, we value the use of the scientific method for the betterment of lives and the function of society. To that end, it is imperative that people in diverse parts of society are able to use science to improve their lives, to identify new problems to which scientific approaches can be applied, and to use their life experiences to envision new ways in which science can be practiced.

Therefore, the Brandeis Division of Science is committed to creating and nurturing a diverse community of scholars that is equitable and inclusive.  As scientists, we pride ourselves on solving problems, including ones that lead to paradigm shifts.  A challenge that we have grappled with is how to create an environment that is inclusive and accessible to all that seek to enter the sciences and experience the invigorating practice of science.  

We are renewing our commitment to push towards these objectives by (i) creating a task force to analyze and propose ways to restructure STEM education at Brandeis, working with educators and building on our experiences with programs such as the Brandeis Science Posse and the Galaxy programs, (ii) initiating a tradition in Spring 2021 of periodically holding a division-wide town-hall where we discuss our challenges and evaluate progress towards our goals, and (iii) continuing our efforts to increase diversity in our faculty, students and staff through all mechanisms available to us.