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Aparna Baskaran
Abelson 306
(781) 736-2866

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Aparna Baskaran

aparna baskaranAssistant Professor of Physics
Ph.D., University of Florida, 2006

Aparna Baskaran's research interests include understanding out-of-equilibrium properties of soft materials and physics of biological systems.

Recent Ph.D. Students

Blake Stacey (2015) "Multiscale Structure in Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics"

CV and list of publications

Sample of Recent Publications

“Spontaneous Segregation of Self-Propelled Particles with Different Motilities”, S. R. McCandlish, A. Baskaran and M. F. Hagan, Soft Matter, 8, 2527 (2012) [PDF]

“Dynamical self-regulation in self-propelled particle flows”, A. Gopinath, M. F. Hagan, M. C. Marchetti and A. Baskaran, Phys. Rev. E  85, 061903 (2012) [PDF]

“Self-regulation in Self-propelled Nematic Fluids”, A. Baskaran and M. C. Marchetti, Euro. Phys. J. E (in press) (September 2012) [PDF]

“Kinetic theory of active and granular particles”, Proceedings of RGD28, (accepted for publication) (September 2012).

“Structure and Dynamics of a Phase-separating Active Colloidal Fluid”, G. Redner, M. F. Hagan and A. Baskaran, (submitted to PRL, in review) (September 2012) [PDF]