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Michael Hagan
Abelson 350
(781) 736-2845

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Brandeis University

Chair, Biological Physics Program
Brandeis University

Associate Professor
Brandeis University

Assistant Professor
Brandeis University
2007- 2012

NIH Ruth L. Kirchstein Postdoctoral Fellow 
University of California, Berkeley      

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Research Fellow
University of California, Berkeley

Michael Hagan

Michael HaganProfessor of Physics
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2003

Michael Hagan's lab endeavors to understand how fundamental physical principles lead to the forces that control assembly and dynamic pattern formation in biological and biomimetic systems. Because assembling structures can be orders of magnitude larger than the individual components, his lab develops and applies computational and theoretical methods that bridge disparate length and time scales. Applications of these methods include identifying assembly mechanisms for viral capsids and other large protein complexes, and understanding the emergent behaviors that occur in nonequilibrium active matter systems.

CV and list of publications

Recent Ph.D. Students

Cong Qiao (2016), "Simulations of curved assemblies in soft matter and biological systems", Present position: Two Sigma, NYC

Gabriel Redner (2016), "Phase Transitions in Model Active Systems". Present Position: Programmer, Google, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

Naiyin Yu, (2015), "Simulations of virus capsid assembly at multiple resolution:from angstrom scale to micron scale"

Matthew Perkett (2014), "Studying Protein Self-Assembly and Conformational Dynamics Using Rare Event Simulation Methods" Present Position: Associate Bioinformatics Developer, Company: GE Healthcare, Location: Lafayette, CO

Aleksandr Kivenson (2013), "Computer Simulations of Dynamical Processes in Biomolecular Systems"  Present Position: Schrodinger, NYC

Oren Elrad (2012) "Coarse-grained Simulations of Viral Assembly"  Present Position: Apple Computer

Yasheng Yang (2011) "Geometric and Dynamic Frustration in Self-organizing Systems"  Present Position: Programmer, Google, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

Sample of Recent Publications

Perlmutter JD; Mohajerani, F; Hagan, MF, "Many-molecule encapsulation by an icosahedral shell", eLife 5, e14078 (2016);

Redner, GS; Wagner, CG; Baskaran, A; Hagan, MF, “A classical nucleation theory description of active colloid assembly”, Phys. Rev. Lett., 117, 148002, [link] (2016), arXiv:1603.01362

Yu, N., Hagan, M.F., “Simulations of HIV capsid protein dimerization reveal the effect of chemistry and topography on the mechanism of hydrophobic protein association” Biophys. J. 103, 1363-1369 (2012) [Featured Article]

Giomi L., Mahadevan L., Chakraborty, B., and Hagan, M.F. “Excitable Patterns in Active Nematics”,  Phys.Rev. Lett 106, 218101 (2011)

Yang, Y.; Meyer, R.B.; Hagan, M.F. “Self-limited self-assembly of chiral filaments”, Phys. Rev. Lett., 104, 258102 (2010)

Perlmutter, J.D., Qiao, C., Hagan, M.F. “Viral genome structures are optimal for capsid assembly”, eLife (eLife 2013;2:e00632) 

Redner, G., Hagan, M.F., Baskaran, A., “Structure and Dynamics of a Phase-Separating Active Colloidal Fluid”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 055701 (2013)