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Funding Opportunities from the Research Circle on Democracy and Cultural Pluralism
Apr. 11, 2014

Shai Feldman publishes in Middle East Brief
Apr. 01, 2014

Jeffrey G. Karam (Ph.D. candidate) accepted to Summer Institute at Elliott School of International Affairs
Mar. 25, 2014

Experts say Ukraine must bond with West
Mar. 19, 2014

Seth Werfel (B.A. '10) publishes in The Monkey Cage
Feb. 13, 2014

Jill Greenlee publishes in Journal of Political Science Education
Jan. 25, 2014

New Brandeis Textbook Offers Even-Handed Look at Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Nov. 26, 2013

Sarah Feuer (Ph.D. candidate) wins ASMEA Best Student Paper Award
Nov. 25, 2013

Professors ponder how JFK's presidency could have turned out
Nov. 22, 2013

Justice Brandeis Semester expands its offerings
Nov. 19, 2013

Shai Feldman co-authors Crown Center book
Nov. 05, 2013

Six new Politics courses for Spring 2014
Oct. 30, 2013

Jill Greenlee's research on race cited in Washington Post
Oct. 28, 2013

Bernard Yack's most recent book to be subject of symposium at LSE
Oct. 21, 2013

Jill Greenlee participates in Gender and Political Psychology Research Workshop
Oct. 08, 2013

Eva Bellin publishes in Middle East Brief
Aug. 27, 2013

Eugene B. Kogan (PhD '13) accepts post-doctoral position at Harvard University
Aug. 22, 2013

Summer institute takes Israel studies around the globe
Aug. 15, 2013

Steven Burg publishes in Nationalism and Ethnic Politics
Aug. 04, 2013

New Board of Trustees chair Perry Traquina ’78 believes in giving back by investing in the next generation
Jul. 13, 2013

Right-wing radicalism conference leads to a book
May. 09, 2013

Jill Greenlee publishes in Political Psychology
Apr. 18, 2013

Ira Shapiro to speak on "The Last Great Senate" on April 24th
Apr. 15, 2013