Upcoming Defenses

July 13, 2017 @ 10 a.m. (Mandel G03)
Franklyn Graham
Sexual Psychopathy: The Role of Attention and Reward Related Deficits

July 20, 2017 @ 11 a.m. (Brown 316)
Sonja Krstic
Etiology, Variants and Management Implications

Dissertations and Job Placements


Nicholas Brisbon
Mindfulness in Relation to Stress, Intrusive Thinking, Sleep Quality and Memory

Carrie Robertson
Psychopathic and Sexually Sadistic Cognitions, Traits, and Behaviors: Relations with Biomarkers and Stress Responses

Salom Teshale
Short and Long-term Change in Selective Optimization with Compensation Strategies and the Relationship to Well Being and Stress in Adulthood

Jasmine Boshyan
Dissertation: In Your Face: Examining Mechanisms of Accurately Perceiving Threat from Faces
Sarah Lupis
Dissertation: Assessing Associations between Self-conscious Emotion and Cortisol Stress Responses: Influences of Development and Culture
Alexander Sacha Panic
Dissertation: Visual and Vestibular Contributions to the Perception and Control of Dynamic Spatial Orientation
Kenneth Pitts
Determinants of Cortisol Signaling
Danielle Gianferante
Age and Sex Differences in Glucocorticoid Sensitivity of Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Production after Repeated Psychosocial Stress
Workplace/Position: Research Analyst at the T1D Exchange, a non-profit Type 1 diabetes research group in Boston
Erin Bishop
Dissertation: Effectiveness of the Caring School Community Program in Reducing School Bullying and Victimization
Workplace/Position: Senior Department Coordinator, Brandeis Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Amanda Lash
Dissertation:  Spoken Word Recognition: A Window into the Aging Brain and Ear
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto
Monika Lohani 
Dissertation: Experiential-behavioral-physiological coherence during emotional reactivity and regulation in younger and older adults 
Workplace/Position: Center for Emotional Intelligence, Yale University
Brittany Cassidy
Dissertation: Behavioral and Neural Responses to Appearance-Behavior Congruity
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychology Department, Indiana University
Abigail Noyce
Dissertation: Neural processes for learning and monitoring sequential regularities in changeable environments
Workplace/Position: PostDoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Boston University
Michael Polito
Dissertation: Stereotype Threat in Older Drivers: The Stereotype and the Threat
Workplace/Position: Adjunct Professor: Brandeis University, Assumption College and Newbury College
Margeaux Auslander
Effects of control beliefs on veridical and false memory in reality monitoring, schema use, and the misinformation effect
Workplace/Position: Research Coordinator, Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine
Mary Jo Larcom
Examining the Influence of Mood on the Interpretation of Emotional Expressions in Older and Younger Adults
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Bloomsberg University of Pennsylvania
Yoona Lee
The Relation of Physical Discipline to Child Aggression and Bullying Behaviors: Ethnic Family Relationships and Environment as Moderators Among European, African, and Hispanic American, and East Asian Children
Visiting Scholar, Brandeis University
Xiaolan Li
Context-Specific Motor Adaptation with Auditory Cues in Novel Dynamic Environments
Scott Motyka
Clarifying Issues in Regulatory Fit Theory:  The Relation of Affect and Measurement Scale Structure to Regulatory Focus and Fit
Research Associate, Retail Supply Chain Institute, Babson College
Nicole Rosa
Effects of Self-Esteem, Gender and Alzheimer's Disease on Self-referencing in Memory
Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Worcester State University
Hyeon-Nyeon Lee
How Group Identification Contributes to Group-Refence Effect with Age: A Multidimensional Group Identification Perspective
Workplace/Position: Lecturer: Duksung Women's University and  Jeonbuk National University
Henry Galperin
Coding Low-Level Visual Features of Natural Scenes in the Brain
Lecturer in Psychology, Brandeis University
Emily Schmidt
"Let pride go afore, shame will follow after": The Influence of Cultural Conceptualizations of the Social Emotions of Pride and Shame on Behavioral Inclination, Identification Expression and Experience
Workplace/Position: The College of the Holy Cross/Visiting Assistant Professor
Michael Strom
The Influence of Racial Category Suppression on Feature-Based Effects
Workplace/Position: NMR Group Inc. /Research Analyst
Jane Harries Theriault
The Etiology of Sexual Aggression in Non-Clinical Adults
Workplace/Position: Visiting Lecturer, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Eyleen Zhang
Neural and Behavioral Responses Toward Perceived Affordances of Gaze and Attractiveness
Workplace/Position: Director, Sentient Consumer Subconscious Research Laboratory, Sentient Decision Science, Inc., Portsmouth, NH.
Amanda Hemmesch
Older Adult's First Impressions of Individuals with Parkinson's Disease: The Stigmatizing Effects of Facial Masking and Abnormal Bodily Movement
Workplace/Position: Project Director in Epidemiology, Boston University, Boston, MA.
Kymberlee O'Brien
Moral Congruity: Moral Decision-Making Under Psychological and Physiological Stress due to Social Evaluation
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Edward Tronick, Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital, Boston, MA
Eric Allard
The Influence of Cognitive Control Effort on Age-Related Positivity Effects in Visual Fixation
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory, Boston College
Eileen Kranz Graham
Personality and Cognition Characteristics that Drive the Cognition/Personality Link Across the Adult Lifespan
Workplace/Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Mt. Holyoke College
Jie Huang
Visual Short-Term Memory:  Attention, Recognition, Recall and Electrophysiology
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Associate at MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Susan Letourneau
Distributing attention across the face: Effects of deafness and sign language experience
Workplace/Position: Bergstrom Living Laboratory Fellow, Museum of Science, Boston
Heather Wadlinger
Looking on the Bright Side: The Effect of a Positive Visual Attention Training Intervention of Attention and Emotion Regulation
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, The Prevention and Methodology Training Program, Penn State University
Michael Sheehan
An Analysis of Aggressive Victims: Behavioral and Psychosocial Characteristics in Children and Adolescents
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Quinnipiac University
Jeongsook Yoon
Psychophathy in Sexual Coercion against Women: the Role of Emotion and Attention
Workplace/Position: Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea
Cai Xing
The Effects of Emotion and Motivation on Attentional Patterns in the Decision-making Process
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology at Renmin University, Beijing, China
Danielle M. Maurice
Dissertation: Perceptions of Justice in the Criminal Justice System: The Experience of Non-Offending Caregivers of Child Sexual Abuse Victims
Workplace/Position: Policy Analyst/Evaluator, Hornby Zeller Associates. Inc.
Kelly Cotter
Dissertation: No Strain, No Gain: An Application of Social Cognitive Theory to Physical Activity across the Lifespan
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor at California State University, Sacremento
Jiang Luo
Dissertation: Optimism, Cognition, and Information Processing in Medical Decision Making
Workplace/Position:  Adjunct Faculty at Morton College
Masako Kikuchi
Dissertation: Appearance Stereotypes and Social Value Orientation: Perception and Behavior in a Mixed-Motive Situation
Victor Luevano
Dissertation: Truth in Advertising: The Relationship of Facial Appearance to Apparent and Actual Health Across Lifespan
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor at California State University, Stanislaus
Vanessa Ferriera
Dissertation: Perception of SES and Support with Objective SES in the Physical functioning of Lower Income older Adults
Workplace/Position: Executive Director, Mattapoisett Counsel on Aging
Arelys Feliciano Sanchez
Dissertation: Age & Cognitive Performance in Adult Onset Diabetes in a New England Puerto Rican Community
Workplace/Position: Research Fellow, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center For Aged, Harvard Medical School
Cheryl DeLancey
Dissertation: What is in a Face? Hedonic Tone Judgements and Behavioral Inclinations in Response to Emerging Emotional Facial Expressions
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor of Child Development at California State University, Stanislaus
Feng Zhou
Dissertation: Information Processing and Selective Attention in Short-term Visual Memory
Workplace/Position: Brandeis University, Post doc
Yuko Yotsumoto
Dissertation: Understanding Visual Memory: Higher Dimensional Application of a Summed Similarity Model, Theoretical Approach using Signal Detection Theory, and Neurophysiological Measures
Workplace/Position: Boston University, Post Doctoral Research Associate
Sandra L. McCoy
Dissertation: The Effects of Age-Related Sensory and Cognitive Change on Speech and Language Comprehension
Workplace/Position: University of British Columbia, Assistant Professor
Robyn Lebovitz
Dissertation: Maintaining Weight Loss: The Role of Social Influences and Social Relationships
Workplace/Position: Research Scientist, Gillette Advanced Technology Center
Stacey Whitbourne
Dissertation: Daily Memory Failures in Adulthood: The Role of Control Beliefs and Activity
Workplace/Position: BU School of Public Health, Postdoctoral Fellow
Xiaolin Yu
Dissertation: The Relation of Family Influences and Personal Inhibition to Childhood Aggression in China and in the U.S.: A Cross-Cultural Study
Workplace/Position: Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing (CRAHW) at the Australian National University, Research Associate
Mark Saviano
Dissertation: When Is Aggression Perceived Favorably? The Role of Provocation, Facial Maturity, and Form of Aggression.
Workplace/Position: Colorado College, Psychology Department, Technical/Statistical Director
Mandy Smith
Dissertation: Couples and Condoms: A Dyadic Approach to Condom Decision in Latino Anglo Dating Couples
Workplace/Position: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research Analyst
Kimberly Firth
Dissertation: Goal Outcomes in Adulthood: The Influence of Temporal Orientation and Perceived Control
Workplace/Position: George Washington University, Research Associate
Viviane Siino-Sears
Dissertation: Motor Adaptation to Contacting and Non Contacting Coriolis Forces
Workplace/Position: Ananomouse Corporation, Vice President of Product Development
Maria Parmley
Dissertation: Perceiving Anger and Sadness: How Might Age, Gender, and Contextual Ambiguity Influence the Process?
Workplace/Position: Assumption College, Lecturer in Psychology
Kathleen Nancy Holmes
Dissertation: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity and Comorbid Psychiatric Syndromes: An Analysis by Subtype and Gender
Jason Maurice
Dissertation: Interrelationships Between Cognitive Discrepancies, Body Affect, and Body Changing Behaviors
Workplace/Position: Market Decisions Research Analyst
Jasmina Burdovic Andreas
Dissertation: Pathways of Risk and Resilence in the Development of Aggression in Children: The role of Family Functioning and Children's Social-Cognitive Styles.
Workplace/Position: Brown University, Assistant Professor
Jong Sup Jun
Dissertation: Syntactic and Semantic Bases of Case: A Study of Verbal Nouns, Light Verbs and Dative.
Workplace/Position: Seoul National University, Lecturer
Carrie Andreoletti
Dissertation: The influence of stereotype-consistent and stereotype-inconsistent information on memory performance in adulthood.
Workplace/Position: Brandeis University, Research Assistant
Jennifer Mueller
Dissertation: The effects of expressive writing on performance and well-being in the work place.
Workplace/Position: Yale University
Geoffrey Wright
Dissertation: Human self-motion perception during vertical linear oscillation and virtual environment exposure.
Workplace/Position: LMU-Grosshaden Clinical Center, Germany, Post doc
Deborah Little
Dissertation: Age and attentional contraints on the encoding and recall of spoken discourse
Workplace/Position: University of Illinois Eye Center, Post doc
Anne Verbeck Sorber
Dissertation: The role of Peer Socialization in the development of emotion display rules: Effects of age, gender, and emotion.
Workplace/Position: Assumption College, Lecturer
Sherry Lynn Anders
Dissertation: Gender and Working Models of Attachment: An Examination of Gender Differences in Communication Strategies Used to Pursue Attachment Goals
Workplace/Position: Suffolk University, Clinical Respecialization Program
Margaret Oliveira
Dissertation: The Effect of Media's Objectification of Beauty on Children's Body Esteem
Workplace/Position: CT Voices for Children, Early Childhood Research and Policy Analyst
Kristen Joy Prentice
Dissertation: Drawing Inferences from Spoken Discourse: Effects of Verbal Working Memory and Normal Aging
Workplace/Position: University of Maryland school of Medicine, Psychiatric Research Center
Darlene Kennedy Winkleman
Dissertation: The Relationship Among Ambivilance over the Inhibition and Expression of Specific Emotions, Physical Health, and Psychological Well-Being
Workplace/Position: University of Connecticut Health Center, Research Assistant