Alterman, Rick

Professor of Computer Science

Expertise: Computer-supported communication, cooperation, and collaboration. Learning and technology. Cognitive engineering and modeling. Human Computer Interaction. Communication and discourse. Internet & Society.

Birren, Susan J

Dean of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Neurobiology

Expertise: Developmental neurobiology.

Cunningham, Joe

Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Clinical and developmental psychology, nonverbal communication, emotional development; gender differences

DiZio, Paul

Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Human spatial orientation; posture and balance; movement control and coordination; sensory-motor adaptation; motor learning; motor development; multi-sensory interactions; space perception; space flight physiology; artificial gravity; human factors in virtual environments; motion sickness.

Fiser, Jozsef

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Visual perception and learning. Neural coding. Computational analysis of of sensory information processing.

Gutchess, Angela

Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Effects of age and culture on memory; Cognitive and Social Neuroscience

Gutsell, Jennifer

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Social and Affective Neuroscience, Cross-group Resonance, Emotion and Self-control.

Hershenson, Maurice

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Expertise: Visual space perception. Visual information processing. Monocular visual space perception: size and shape constancy and the metric perceived space.

Isaacowitz, Derek M

Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Emotion and Aging. Research focuses on emotion in adulthood and old age. In particular, he is interested in the interplay of cognitive processes, particularly attention, and emotion through the adult lifespan.

Jackendoff, Ray S

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Volen National Center for Complex Systems

Expertise: Semantics of natural language; syntax; general linguistic theory; evolution of language; language and spatial cognition; consciousness; social cognition; music cognition

Jadhav, Shantanu

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Neural basis of learning, memory and decision making.

Katz, Don

Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Neural dynamics of gustatory perception and learning.

Knight, Raymond

Mortimer Gryzmish Professor of Human Relations

Expertise: Clinical psychology and experimental psychopathology, with specific expertise in psychopathy, sexual aggression, and bullying.

Lachman, Margie

Minnie and Harold Fierman Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Life-span development; midlife; aging; sense of control; adult personality; memory; health-promoting behaviors; intervention research to improve cognitive and physical functioning and health.

Lackner, Jim

Meshulam and Judith Riklis Professor of Physiology

Expertise: Spatial orientation. Human movement control. Adaptation to unusual force environments.

Lee, Yoona

Lecturer in the Department of Psychology

Expertise: Yoona Lee, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral fellow and an adjunct faculty in the Department of Psychology at Brandeis University. Her major research interests include child maltreatment, discipline, bullying, and children/adolescent psychosocial behaviors in developmental and cross-cultural perspectives.

Liu, Xiaodong

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Applied Statistics: linear and non-linear Multi-level modeling / Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM), Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Latent Class Analysis (LCA), Latent Transition Analysis(LTA)/Growth Mixture Modeling(GMM), General & Generalized Linear Modeling, Longitudinal Data Analysis Child Development: factors (at individual, familial, communal, & cultural levels) related to child psychological adjustment (internalizing & externalizing), health (physical and psychological), and school performance

Maling, Joan M

Professor Emerita of Linguistics and of the Volen National Center for Complex Systems

Expertise: Linguistics. Syntactic theory. Historical syntax. Metrics. Syntactic theory. Icelandic syntax. Korean syntax.

Molinsky, Andrew L

Associate Professor in the Brandeis International Business School

Expertise: Cultural adaptation, global leadership, organizational behavior, interpersonal communication

Morant, Ricardo B

Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Volen National Center for Complex Systems

Expertise: Perception and sensory processes; experimental psychology; art and illusion

Polito, Michael Joel

Lecturer in Psychology

Expertise: Lifespan Development Social Psychology Gerontology Health Psychology Statistics

Rohleder, Nicolas

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Dr. Rohleder's expertise is in human psychoneuroimmunologal and psychoneuroendocrinologal research. In particular, Dr. Rohleder is the Co-Director of the Laboratory for Biological Health Psychology, in which current research addresses the question how acute and chronic stress is translated into pathophysiological mechanisms at the level of organs and cells.

Samet, Jerry

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Philosophy of mind. Philosophy of psychology. Cognitive science. History of philosophy. Philosophy of science.

Sekuler, Robert

Louis and Frances Salvage Professor of Psychology and Professor of Neuroscience

Expertise: Visual perception. Cognitive processes, especially EEG assays of cognition. Visual and auditory memory, audiovisual interaction and competition, research-oriented video games, and age-related changes in cognitive function.

Tun, Patricia

Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Aging and speech comprehension and memory.

Wasserman, Stephanie

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Behavioral Neuroscience; Neurophysiology of Cocaine Addiction; Foster Mothering and Attachment Issues

Watson, Mick

George and Frances Levin Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Developmental psychology, with expertise in social-cognitive development in children and adolescents, the development on symbolic processes in symbolic play and art, antecedents of aggression and bullying in children and adolescents, development of creativity

Wingfield, Art

Nancy Lurie Marks Professor of Neuroscience

Expertise: Age-related hearing loss in older adults and its effects on cognitive function, speech comprehension and memory.

Wodinsky, Jerome

Associate Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Comparative psychology. Learning theory. Sensory physiology.

Wolf, Jutta M.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Expertise: Psychoneuroendocrinology Psychoneuroimmunology

Wright, Ellen J

Assistant Professor in Psychology

Expertise: The intersection between clinical psychology, depression, gender, development, emotion regulation. Specifically: gender and developmental differences in and risks for depression; Risk, resiliency and depression prevention; emotion regulation, self-focused attention, rumination and reflection; mindfulness, coping, and development; psychosomatic obstetrics and gynecology and affective disorders (i.e., postpartum depression and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)

Zebrowitz, Leslie A

Manuel Yellen Professor of Social Relations

Expertise: Social psychology; face perception; facial stereotypes (babyfaceness, attractiveness); age, race, and gender stereotypes, aging and social perception.