Louis and Frances Salvage Professor of Psychology and Professor of Neuroscience


Ph.D., Brown University

Field of Specialty

Visual perception. Cognitive processes, especially EEG assays of cognition. Visual and auditory memory, audiovisual interaction and competition, research-oriented video games, and age-related changes in cognitive function.

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Volen National Center for Complex Systems 244

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Robert Sekuler

Visual perception. Cognitive processes, especially EEG assays of cognition. Visual and auditory memory, audiovisual interaction and competition, research-oriented video games, and age-related changes in cognitive function.


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Courses Taught

NPSY 12a Perception: Human, Animal, and Machine
NPSY 22b Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
NPSY 174b Visual Cognition
PSYC 302a Proseminar in Brain, Body, and Behavior II