Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Volen National Center for Complex Systems


Ph.D., Clark University

Field of Specialty

Perception and sensory processes; experimental psychology; art and illusion

Contact Information

Brown Social Science Center 322

Ricardo B Morant

Professor Morant s research focuses on human oreintation and the perception of spatial relationships. Other interests include perceptual adaptation, sensorymotor interactions, intersensory integration in infants, and art illusion.


Morant,Ricardo B with D. Starkey. "Virtual objects that look real: A study of young infants' expectations of tangibility." Current Psychological Research and Reviews 5. (1986): 219-227.

Morant,Ricardo B. eds. S. Wapner and B. Kaplan.. Some aspects of a developmental analysis of perception, in Towards a Holistic Developmental Psychology. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Eribaum Associates, 1983.

Morant,Ricardo B. with D. Starkey. "A technique for making realistic three-dimensional images of objects." Behavior Research Methods and Instrumentation 15. (1983): 420-423.