Associate Professor of Psychology


Ph.D., Brandeis University

Field of Specialty

Human spatial orientation; posture and balance; movement control and coordination; sensory-motor adaptation; motor learning; motor development; multi-sensory interactions; space perception; space flight physiology; artificial gravity; human factors in virtual environments; motion sickness.

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Rabb Graduate Center 5

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Paul DiZio

We investigate basic biomechanical, physiological and psychological mechanisms of human motor control and spatial orientation. Practical applications of interest include development of motor control and posture across the lifespan, assessment and rehabilitation of movement disorders, disorders of movement in autism, prevention of falls in aging, vestibular loss and other clinical conditions, and predicting and circumventing degradation of perception and performance in unusual force environments including space flight, artificial gravity, aerobatic flight, autonomous vehicles, and virtual environments, and development of brain-computer interfaces.


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Courses Taught

NPSY 16a Motor Control
PSYC 51a Statistics
PSYC 300a Proseminar in Brain, Body, and Behavior I