Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology


Ph.D., Dresden University of Technology

Field of Specialty


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Lemberg Hall 101

Jutta M. Wolf

My research addresses the following questions:
(1) During stress, how and at what levels do the endocrine system and the immune system interact?
(2) How does this interplay affect health outcomes, such as depression or PTSD?
(3) Which factors are moderating physiological stress effects and subsequent health outcomes?
With regard to moderators, I am particularly interested in the role of emotions and body image as well as health behaviors (exercise, sleep) and subjective social status.


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Courses Taught

PSYC 15a Biological Bases of Motivation
PSYC 38a Health Psychology
PSYC 51a Statistics
PSYC 142a Sport Psychology: A Health Psychology Perspective
PSYC 211a Graduate Research Methods in Psychology