Lecturer in the Department of Psychology


Ph.D., Brandeis University

Field of Specialty

Yoona Lee, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral fellow and an adjunct faculty in the Department of Psychology at Brandeis University. Her major research interests include child maltreatment, discipline, bullying, and children/adolescent psychosocial behaviors in developmental and cross-cultural perspectives.

Contact Information


Yoona Lee


Lee, Yoona. "Covert and overt forgiveness and apology patterns with intrapersonal and interpersonal perspectives." Journal of Trauma and Treatment (2016). (forthcoming)

Lee, Y., Liu, X., & Watson, M. W.. "The timing effect of bullying in childhood and adolescence on developmental trajectories of externalizing behaviors." J Interpers Violence (2015). (forthcoming)

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Lee, Y., Jang, M., & Malley-Morison, K.. "Perception of child maltreatment in European American, Korean Americans, and Koreans." Int Psychol Bull 12. (2008): 13-16.

Courses Taught

PSYC 51a Statistics
PSYC 52a Research Methods and Laboratory in Psychology