Student Advice

"Never go into an internship with expectations of how your supervisors may think of you, or tasks you feel you might deserve, or on the contrary, be too qualified for. Accept whatever is offered, do it well, and you will create a pattern of upwards trajectory that will continue throughout the course of your position. Make yourself useful, and take initiative—don't sit back and wait for your supervisor to assign you something, but rather, ask if there's anything you can help with. The more you display your willingness to assist and ability to multitask, the better your supervisor will be able to gauge your capabilities and talents. When you became an indispensable member of a team, your task load will expand and you will be exposed to a greater variety of work, and ultimately take away more from the internship. Secondly, make an effort to get to know all of your coworkers, and if you are working abroad, practice the native language—it often helps when making allies in the office."

Alysha Bedig '09

  • Politics, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Cairo


Internship Evaluation

Please read each question of the online Internship Evaluation carefully and provide meaningful detail. Your answers will be used to help other students consider this internship and this organization. Please be constructive and appropriate in your answers. 

Supervisor Evaluation

Your supervisor will likewise need to complete an evaluation of your work. Please direct him/her to this page.