Steps to Gain Academic Credit

Students may receive credit for internships performed in off-campus museums and art galleries via FA 92a History of Art: Internship & Analysis. 

Students may also apply in the spring semester for internships, of one and two semester commitment, for the following academic year at the Rose Art Museum.  Focus may center in the areas of education, registrar, exhibition installation, or curatorial work.  All student applications, with preference given to upperclassmen, must be endorsed by a faculty recommendation.  The Rose Art Museum staff interviews and decides upon the interns.  

You may also contact Professor Nancy Scott ( for further information.

Fine Arts

Because of the breadth of the discipline, possible internship placements range widely. Students can apply the skills, knowledge, and abilities learned through this course of study in virtually any career field. When choosing an internship, utilize our self-assessment tools and library resources to find the right fit for you. The list of past internships site will help you brainstorm ideas and narrow your choices.

For more information about Fine Arts Internships, please check out the listing of
Fellowship and Internship Opportunities In the Visual Arts.

Past Internship Sites:

  • The Rose Art Museum
  • Childs Gallery
  • Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
  • Marc Jancou Fine Art Gallery
  • The Charles River Museum of Industry
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Design - Summer program
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Summer of the Arts

What students say about their internships:

"I truly believe that my gallery internship was invaluable to me as I continued to study Art History. The most important thing I learned was how to properly use library resources to research art. Another terrific opportunity it gave me was to learn about intaglio prints. I needed to understand the printmaking process, and to distinguish between different print media. Finally, it was very interesting to observe the inner workings of the gallery. I witnessed the use of art in the context of a business, something I wasn’t quite prepared for. To anyone who is thinking of gallery work as a career option, or just loves art and want to work directly with it, this is the place for you!" -Childs Gallery, Boston, MA

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