Steps to Gain Academic Credit

Get your Internship approved.
If you are doing your internship for credit and it is not part of an approved Study Abroad Program, fill out the For Credit Internship Approval Form and set up a time to meet with Professor Javier Urcid (urcid at, the Internship Coordinator the IGS Program, to get your Internship approved and to have the Internship Approval Form signed.

Students who chose to get credit are also required to regular contact with their instructor and to complete a 25 page analytical paper based on their internship experience. In order for your Internship to appear on your transcript, once it has been approved see the IGS Academic Administrator for your registration code at kathryn at Brandeis dot edu.

Talk with the Internship Coordinator about IGS 89b
Certain students may earn credit for their IGS internship via IGS 89b Internship Seminar in International and Global Studies. Students who cannot go abroad or require credit for their IGS internship should contact Professor Urcid to see if your situation meets the requirements to enroll in IGS 89b. Some faculty members will work with you on an individual basis to create an IGS 92a, Independent Internship & Analysis. Find your internship and meet with the Internship Coordinator for IGS, Professor Urcid, to discuss finding a faculty sponsor.

Consider an IGS 92a 
Some faculty members will work with you on an individual basis to create an IGS 92a, Independent Internship & Analysis. Find your internship and meet with the Internship Coordinator for IGS, Professor Urcid, to discuss finding a faculty sponsor.

Students should work the equivalent of at least 8 and no more than 15 hours per week for at least 10 weeks of a 13 week semester.

Students who have done an internship outside of their approved study abroad program or internships not approved for Brandeis credit on approved study abroad programs may be eligible to create a Brandeis course (IGS 92a) by working with a faculty member the semester they return to campus. Work done overseas at an internship site can be complemented with academic work with a faculty member. If you would like to seek approval to receive credit at Brandeis, please fill out the For Credit Internship Approval Form and follow the instructions.

International and Global Studies

Students in the IGS program participate in an experiential learning opportunity by completing an international internship and/or studying abroad. The experiential learning opportunity may be completed in any of the following ways:

  • Study abroad without an internship. You can satisfy our requirement simply by spending at least one semester of study abroad in an academic program approved by the University without an internship.
  • Study abroad with an internship. You may couple your study abroad experience with an internship, which may constitute one of the four courses (in an approved program) or be performed either before or after the period of academic study abroad.
  • Summer internship abroad.  It is also possible to perform the internship in the summer, either abroad or in the United States, as long as it runs a minimum of six weeks, requires approximately 100 hours of work, and involves an organization that affords a global, transnational perspective. You may also obtain course credit by following the standard University procedures for accrediting summer internships. It is essential to obtain prior approval in the Spring from the Chair of IGS to ensure that your Internship satisfies program requirements. If you are looking to receive Academic credit for your Summer Internship you will need to find an IGS professor to work with you 1 on 1 in the Fall when you return from your Internship. You will work with your professor to determine the type of Academic work you will complete. Examples of assignments include submission of an annotated bibliography of readings relevant to the work site, several short papers (or one long paper), a journal or log of experiences, and papers completed for the internship.
  • (Only in Special Cases) Academic-year internships in the United States with an internationally focused organization. Open only to students who demonstrate appropriate inability to participate in Study/Internship Abroad option.   This internship should be with an organization that is directly engaged in global matters. As in the case of internships in other programs, the internship should run at least one semester and involved approximately 100 hours of work. It is essential to obtain prior approval from IGS to ensure that it satisfies program requirements.

**International students have completed the IGS Experiential Learning requirement by studying "abroad" at Brandeis University. Hence they do not need to pursue any of the other ways of fulfilling this requirement - through study abroad or an internship - for the major.**

Past Internship Sites:

  • Alliance for Cultural & Economic Exchange, Inc., Somerville, MA
  • WorldBoston, Boston, MA
  • International Institute for Justice and Development
  • Heifer International
  • The One Campaign
  • Consulate General of Italy in Boston 
  • World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
  • The Massachusetts Export Center
  • Consulate General of Israel to New England
  • Bikes Not Bombs
  • KYGN (Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need),Tanzania.
  • Vought Aircraft Careers,Texas.
  • World Jurist Association,Washington D.C.
  • ETE,  Youth camp in Hinche, Haiti.
  • Centro Presente, Somerville, MA.
  • Zeller + Gmelin Corporation, Richmond, Virginia.

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