Steps to Gain Academic Credit

Junior and senior majors and minors may participate in credit-bearing internships (NEJS 92a/b). Internships combine off-campus or on-campus work that provides significant learning in the areas of NEJS with academic study supervised by a departmental faculty sponsor. Students may count one NEJS 92 toward their major or minor. Students doing summer internships may register for course credit in the following fall semester. A minimum of a B+ grade point average in NEJS courses is required for eligibility.

  • The faculty contact is Professor Jonathan Decter (Fall) -
  • The faculty contact is Professor Jonathan Sarna (Spring) -


NEJS 92 involves as much work as a regular NEJS course. In addition to following the general internship guidelines established in the Bulletin, NEJS internships must include each of the following:

1. Before the end of the shopping period, the NEJS faculty member who is supervising the internship must approve the written contract proposed by the student; the blank contract at Internship 92 Form should be used as a basis. This contract should at minimum outline the following: the number of hours on the site, scheduled meetings with the faculty member supervising the internship, and significant academic readings that enrich and deepen the field experience.

2. The student must keep a detailed diary of the internship experience, to be shared with the faculty member.

3. The student must complete a substantive research project that synthesizes what has been learned from the internship and links it to appropriate literature.

4. The undergraduate advising head must approve in advance and in writing, every NEJS 92. Additional information and forms may be found on the NEJS website.

Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

The NEJS Department encourages students to participate in internships that integrate academic knowledge and practical experiences. The wide breadth of the discipline allows students to participate in hands-on experiences across many career fields. 

Past Internship Sites:

  • Facing History and Ourselves
  • Consulate General of Israel to New England
  • Jewish Family and Life
  • The Museum of Jewish Heritage
  • The New York Blueprint
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City
  • Colleagiate Leadership Internship Program
  • Hadassah-Brandeis Institute
  • Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

What students say about their internships:

"[This internship has influenced my personal, academic and/or professional goals or direction] by making me realize that I want to be working more directly with the students, though I enjoy content development. Regarding supervision, I spoke with my supervisor multiple times a day regarding projects and how they should develop. My supervisor was helpful and supportive of my ideas." -Jewish Family and Life, Babaganewz Website~Sociology Major & Women’s Studies & Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Minor

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