Steps to Gain Academic Credit

All internships must be approved by Gordon Fellman, the UAH and Chair for the PAX program. He can be reached at 

The internship consists of at least 10 hours a week in a social change organization in the greater Boston area or, if the student is abroad, an appropriate equivalent. The intern is supervised by a PAX professor or staff person, keeps a daily journal, presents and does the reading of a bibliography on the topic of the internship and its larger framework, and writes a paper of 15-20 pages at the end of the internship. 

Requirements include a minimum of 10 hours per week, faculty advisor/supervision and an analytical paper at the end. See Department page for more details.

Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies

Successful completion of either PAX 92a/b (Internship in Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies) or a senior honors thesis is a core requirement for studies in the Peace & Conflict Studies program.

Past Internship Sites: 

Possible intern sites and experiences should be approved by Prof. Gordon Fellman before they are undertaken. Students are responsible for choosing their intern sites.

For information on possible internship sites, visit the Department Page.

  • Peace Abbey
  • Peace Games
  • Public Conversations Project
  • The Center for Humanistic Education at the Ghetto Fighter's Holocaust Museum
  • United For a Fair Economy
  • The Theater Offensive

What students say about their internships:

"During my internship with The Center for Humanistic Education at the Ghetto Fighter’s Holocaust Museum I facilitated workshops on Holocaust; and on Jewish-Arab relations, prepared materials for the annual multi-cultural seminar, co- facilitated a group in that 4-day seminar, translated Center materials into English. This internship improved my analytical skills, broadened my perspective, and gave confidence to pursue a career in the field of conflict resolution." -The Center for Humanistic Education at the Ghetto Fighter’s Holocaust Museum, Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies Major

"During my internship with Peace Games, I prepared the curriculum I taught in a Boston public school class. The one thing I learned from my internship that I want to pass on to future students is to take the time to build relationships with students and teachers. The mission of Peace Games is to help students create their own safe classrooms and communities by involving families, school staff, college volunteers and community partners." -Peace Games, Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies Major