Steps to Gain Academic Credit

Prerequisite: SOC 123b, or permission of the instructor. Signature of the program director required.

Students can obtain credit for the SJSP minor by performing an internship approved by the SJSP internship director and the successful completion of SJSP 89a (Social Justice, social Policy Internship) which is usually offered in the fall semester.

Contact Professor Stimell, the SJSP Internship Coordinator, for more information on receiving credit for an SJSP internship or for information on SJSP 89a. 

SJSP 89a Social Justice, Social Policy Internship
To obtain an internship for the fall term, students must discuss their placements with the SJSP internship instructor by April 1.
Supervised internship in a social justice, social service, social policy, or social research organization. Students will meet as a group and will complete research assignments. Usually offered every year in the fall semester.
Ms. Stimell

Social Justice and Social Policy

This interdepartmental program offers formal internship opportunties through SJSP 89a Social Justice and Social Policy Internship and Seminar.  See sidebar for more information.

Past Internship Sites: 

  • Project Happiness
  • Pact World
  • Americans for Democratic Action
  • Humanitarian Notes
  • Boston Mobilization
  • Clean Water Action
  • Amnesty International
  • Illinois Network of Charter Schools

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