Steps to Gain Academic Credit

The department of Sociology offers individualized credit-bearing internships for majors through SOC 92b: Internship and Analysis in Sociology.  Students generally pursue internship credit in their junior or senior years, after they have completed several courses in the major.  Internships are designed to apply sociological analysis to relevant off-campus work, and in all cases are supervised by a faculty sponsor.  Students may apply credit from one internship course toward their major requirements.  Internship work completed during the summer can earn credit during the following fall semester.

For  SOC 92a Independent Internship & Analysis  contact a faculty member of interest or the Undergraduate Advising Head, Professor Laura Miller at Once an internship placement is set, students will find a faculty adviser, with whom they establish specific academic requirements mutually agreed upon.

Additionally, students can pursue internships through SOC 89a: Internships for Community Action and Social Change.  This course is offered most spring semesters as a weekly seminar, in which students learn to become social change agents through ten-hour per week internships in community organizations, course readings, and class discussions.

For SOC 89a: Internship for Community Action and Social Change students should contact Professor Thomas Pineros-Shields at Students will discuss internship placement possibilities and requirements of the course.


Because of the breadth of the discipline, possible internship placements range widely. Students can apply the skills, knowledge, and abilities learned through this course of study in virtually any career field. When choosing an internship, utilize our self-assessment tools and library resources to find the right fit for you. The list of past internships site will help you brainstorm ideas and narrow your choices.

Past Internship Sites:

  • MEDA-Massachusetts Eating Disorder Association (Newton)
  • WARP-Waltham Action Research Project (Waltham)
  • Centro Presente (Cambridge)
  • The Massachusetts Service Alliance (Boston)
  • Perkins School for the Blind (Watertown)
  • The Network/La Red-GLBTQ Alliance (Boston)
  • WATCH-Waltham Alliance to Create Housing (Waltham)
  • Aging, Culture, and Cognition Laboratory at Brandeis (Waltham)
  • Department of Orientation and First-Year Programs at Brandeis (Waltham)
  • Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (Boston)
  • Boston Workers Alliance (Boston)
  • Genesis Counseling (Framingham)
  • Project Joy (Boston)
  • Governor Deval Patrick's Internship Program (Boston)

What students say about their internships:

"[At MEDA] I put together a presentation for 4th and 5th grade boys and girls on body image and healthy eating, attended health fairs, and helped with national eating disorder week and the mind/body dialogues. The supervisor was very helpful and easily approachable. I felt that I could go to her with any problem I was having and have her help me. She also gave me a lot to do and found things that would be of interest to me. We met every time I was there because it was such a small office and she was always there. We discussed whatever was necessary for that day and she was always interested to hear how I was doing, any problems I had or anything I was interested in doing. This internship helped me realize that I want to work in some kind of non profit sector. I found the topic interesting and may be interested in working with eating disorders in the future. Plus the internship helped me to understand more about my body image and eating habits in addition to those of my friends and family." -MEDA (Massachusetts Eating Disorder Association)~Sociology Major & Legal Studies Minor & Social Justice and Social Policy Minor

"[My supervisor] was a tremendous worker as well as supervisor. She was very helpful and I learned a lot from working with her. I met with my supervisor every day that I was there and worked along side her. She was terrific. I also was given a lot of independence, as my supervisor and the other staff gained trust in me. I was able to work one on one with many students by the end. [I obtained my internship] through a fellow classmate who told me about working there so I gave it a shot. I was introduced to the gym staff, whom I worked with for the duration of the internship, and learned a lot about that particular departments mission, and how that related to Perkins’ mission overall. [Through this internship I developed an] appreciation for all the things I can do, rather on dwelling on the things I cannot do well, or cannot do at all. Overall, I loved Perkins, as well as the course Internships for Social Change and Community Action (taught by Tom Shields) for which I received credit for the Internship." -Perkins School for the Blind~ Sociology Major & Minor in Philosophy

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