INT 92g Required Documents:

For further questions or information on Summer INT 92g 1-Credit Internship, please contact Jessica Paquin, Assistant Director for Academic Internships at or 781-736-2156.

Summer INT 92g 1-Credit Internship Course

May 23-August 12, 2011


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Summer INT 92g Internship Course?

  • Summer INT 92g is an online, undergraduate, 1-credit offering (May 31-August 12) that combines 100 hours of internship placement experience with a faculty-reviewed, analytic journal component. 
  • This course provides you with one (1) credit hour of elective academic credits, through the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences in conjunction with the Rabb Summer School, and is open to current undergraduates of sophomore standing or above (as of June 1)
  • Non-Brandeis International students are NOT eligible to enroll.
  • Students may complete their internship domestically, or abroad.

Required for credit are:

  1. Letter of Offer from the host agency
  2. Learning Agreement
  3. Enrollment in the course
  4. 100 internship hours over at least 5 weeks 
  5. Analytic Journal (compiled LATTE discussion responses)
  6. Student evaluation
  7. Supervisor evaluation

All Analytic Journals and evaluations must be turned in by August 13th, when the course instructor will review the academic journal and determine your Credit/No-Credit grade.

Why would I take the Summer INT 92g Internship Course? 

  • INT 92g is a 1-credit, online course designed specifically to allow you to receive Brandeis credit for a summer internship without having to obtain a faculty sponsor.
  • You complete the enrollment paperwork,  the internship, and the online & academic pieces and receive credit. 
INT 92g is ideal for students who:
  • Have internship site placements that require you to be receiving credit for your experience.
  • Are International and because of visa requirements, must receive credit for an internship in their Major area of study.

How to enroll: Application Timeline and Requirements

INT 92g is open to current undergraduates holding sophomore status or higher (as of June 1, 2011).  Non-Brandeis International Students are NOT eligible to take this course. 

To enroll, follow these steps exactly:

  1. Obtain a Letter of Offer from your internship organization, including details of your internship duties, dates and supervision.
  2. Submit the online Learning Agreement and then make an appointment to meet with Jessica Paquin, Assistant Director for Academic Internships between April 11th-June 24th. 
  3. At that meeting, bring a hardcopy of your online Learning Agreement AND your Letter of Offer.  Jessica Paquin will approve your internship for the course and give you an Enrollment Code to register for the INT 92g course. No internships will be approved after June 24, 2011. 
  4. Register through the Rabb Summer School and pay $450 ($400 tuition + $50 registration fee) by June 24, 2011 (Brandeis International Students must THEN work with ISSO to apply for proper visa clearance before beginning the internship).
  5. Work at the site a minimum of 100 hours over the course of at least 5 weeks during the summer.
  6. Complete the required LATTE online academic requirements by the due dates, then turn in the compilation of all of your responses to Jessica Paquin NO LATER than August 13, 2011.
  7. Complete a final online evaluation of the experience for the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences, NO LATER than August 13, 2011.
  8. Ensure the supervisor evaluation is received prior to deadline of August 13, 2011.

Late assignments will not be accepted and students will forfeit all credit for the course.

Before you begin

  • Obtain an internship lasting at least 100 hours over 5 weeks and a Letter of Offer.
  • Clarify your learning goals and objectives WITH YOUR SUPERVISOR.
  • Brandeis International students need to comply with additional steps, so please contact the ISSO for details, and consult regarding Curricular Practical Training (F-1 visa holders) or Academic Training (J-1 visa holders)
  • Fill out a Brandeis University Internship Learning Agreement.
  • Meet with Jessica Paquin of the Office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences for approval of your Learning Agreement BEFORE deadline of June 24, 2010. 

Credit Guidelines

  1. Students may earn one (1) hour of elective credit for each summer INT 92g internship completed. The credit may be applied as general credit toward graduation but will not count toward fulfillment of major requirements. The maximum number of Internship-credit hours a student may may place on their undergraduate transcript (through fall, spring, and summer terms) as specified in the Brandeis University Bulletin, is eight (8) in total.
  2. Brandeis students wanting to enroll in more than 8 credits of academic internships must petition to do so from the Registrar.
  3. Students may only receive credit for any INT 92g Internship experience once.  Hence, students may not perform 100 hours at an internship site during the summer, receive 1-Credit for an INT 92g and then use that same 100-hour internship experience to receive credit in an 89 or 92a/b internship course.
  4. INT 92g 1-Credit internship Learning Agreements must be approved by a designee of the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences BEFORE registration.  Students must register for INT 92g through the Rabb Summer School  BEFORE the internship begins (by June 24 2011). No retroactive credit will be granted. 
  5. Brandeis International students must also receive CPT clearance BEFORE beginning the internship.
  6. Any student wishing to withdraw from INT 92g MUST obtain prior approval from the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences before terminating the internship.  International students wishing to withdraw from INT 92g MUST obtain prior approval from the ISSO BEFORE terminating the internship. Not doing so could cause a violation of your visa status and have serious consequences.
  7. Students should transfer the 1-credit from their summer school transcript to their regular transcript through the Registrar’s Office.