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    What are the two most important things you learned through your internship?

    One of the more surprising things that I’ve learned through my internship is that there actually is a large number of people willing to help students find a job or an internship placement. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even lost by the daunting task of finding a specific profession to explore and to work with, but once you begin asking around and taking some initiative, people really do respond. 

    I also learned that internships are a fantastic way to really feel a profession out. Before I began interning for the summer I thought that a career in Public Health might be up my alley. And while I have had a tremendous summer and learned so much, I was able to determine that Public Health may not be for me. Before this internship I was convinced that spending time working at something I wasn’t planning on doing down the road somewhere was a waste, but I have found that exploration of different career paths may really help me determine my own path in the long run.

    Cassidy Dadaos '09

    • Sociology & American Studies
    • MassHealth Board of Hearings

Sample Learning Agreements

Sample: Full Learning Agreement

Sample: Media Company

What the student is hoping to learn:
This internship with NECN will support my personal goals by providing access to excellent staff, equipment, and journalistic methods.  As a leading regional television news network, NECN will able to teach me the latest technology and award-winning journalism practices.
This internship will help me reach my academic goals by providing me with methods and supervision from experienced professionals who can teach me the industry standards for television news.  At the same time, this internship will provide the perfect environment to build professional contacts and gain invaluable knowledge of the newsroom.
In terms of career goals, this internship will help me to confirm my desire to pursue a career in a newsroom setting. In addition, I will gain access to hands-on experience that is currently unavailable at Brandeis. Since the Film and Visual Studies major is so new to the Brandeis community, the opportunity to intern with a major regional network will enhance my studies and perfectly complement my Brandeis education.

How the student hopes to achieve these goals:
NECN encourages all of the interns to approach anyone who appeals to us, ask questions about their work, and see examples/aid in their work.  I will be able to achieve my goals by networking and asking questions from the professionals, in addition to hands-on training with the broadcasting equipment unavailable at Brandeis.  The expertise of the people at NECN will give me a solid understanding about the television news industry as well as the practices that will help me in my professional life in years after Brandeis.

How the student will know if he/she achieved these goals:
I will regularly talk with my supervisor about my performance at NECN as well as my expectations from NECN.  We will use my goals to ensure that I get the most out of this internship. By working with various experts in television news, I will be able to select a specific field(s) that I will pursue in the future based on my interest, ability, and recommendation of my supervisor.

Sample: Science Research

What the student is hoping to learn:
During my summer internship in the Sengupta lab I intend to learn an understanding of the biology of sensation and how basic biological research is performed.  Through this research experience I will gain the hypothetical, theoretical, and technical insights that drive research scientist, while at the same time furthering my knowledge of genetics and cell biology. Furthermore, by having my own research project, I am stimulated with an experience that will prove to be an asset as I strive to perform research in the future in a basic biological or a clinical medical setting. My experience as an undergraduate researcher in the Sengupta lab will provide me with the theoretical and practical experience necessary to meet my career goals and foresee if combining research with my career goal of clinical medicine is something that I would like to pursue and ultimately dedicate my life to.

How the student hopes to achieve these goals:
During the summer my overall goal of my research in the Sengupta lab is to identify mechanisms by which intracellular trafficking regulate ciliary development and maintenance. Vesicular trafficking mechanisms are necessary for proper localization of ciliary proteins. Additionally, bidirectional trafficking within the cilium via intraflagellar transport (IFT) is required to extend and maintain the ciliary axoneme. First, under the mentorship of Dr. David Doroquez, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab, I am studying of role of candidate vesicular trafficking proteins identified in ciliary proteomic analyses performed by him and a graduate student Anique Olivier-Mason. I am generating transcriptionally- and translationally-tagged GFP fusion transgenes in order to identify the cells that express the candidate trafficking genes, and to define their subcellular localization. Candidate proteins that are expressed in ciliated cells, and are localized to cilia, may play a significant role
 in cilia biology. Second, I am helping David with analyses of cilia phenotypes in animals’ mutant for these candidate ciliary genes, and expect to be able to perform these analyses independently in the coming year. Third, I am identifying whether post-translational modifications via phosphorylation govern the function of the OSM-3 kinesin motor protein required for ciliary IFT. I am expressing osm-3 transgenes that encode proteins mutated in predicted phosphorylation target sites, and determining by functional assays whether these mutant proteins rescue osm-3 mutant phenotypes.

How the student will know if he/she achieved these goals:
I will be able to know that I have achieved these objectives successfully by after learning to perform certain experiments’ under my supervisor I would then continue to perform them on my own successfully.  Furthermore, by developing skills that would become useful not only in a possible career as a scientist, but when I begin taking biology lab in my undergraduate career. In addition this internship would provide me with the opportunity to learn to use new software that will come handy during my undergraduate career at Brandeis.  Moreover, through lab meetings I will be able to develop oral communication skills that will become useful when I have to stand in front of the lab and present my progress and goals during my summer internship.  By been assigned my own personal project I will develop leadership skills and a strong sense of responsibility as my scientific finding would not solely affect me but my whole lab as a whole, thus I would know I have achieved these by an increased confidence in my researching and scientific abilities.

Sample: Psychology

What the student is hoping to learn:
During this internship, I hope to develop my skills in several areas.  I intend to become more knowledgeable in the field of Sports Psychology, and most specifically, in the Mental-Conditioning of competitive athletes.  I intend to develop this knowledge by becoming proficient in studying, analyzing, and organizing Sports Psychology and Mental Conditioning information.  Additionally, I intend to develop my oral communication and leadership skills.  Finally, I intend to learn and perform various techniques with a technical-analysis software called Dartfish. Experience with Dartfish will further my understanding of the biomechanical side of tennis and also enhance my observational skills, which will help me understand the behavioral patterns of the students.  
This internship is a great supplement for my academic learning thus far at Brandeis University. This past semester in Health Psychology class, I studied mainly how stress can be very harmful to the human body, both in our biological and psychological functioning.  The Sports Psychology and Mental Conditioning fields that I will explore this summer directly deal with providing techniques to competitive athletes to effectively cope with stress and other psychological factors, in order to help them perform optimally during intense competition.  Thus, this internship will give me an opportunity to apply classroom learning to a real world setting.
As a student who is interested in a career within the field of Psychology, this internship will most definitely aid me in my career exploration.  It will give me an important and valuable exposure to the developing field of Sports Psychology, and will enable me to participate in its practical application in a real world setting.

How the student hopes to achieve these goals:
The activities that I will be involved in during this internship will put me in great position to accomplish my aforementioned learning objectives.  Firstly, I will be involved with creating and developing group lesson plans (format, materials, and organization for delivery) for the Mental Conditioning Group Workshops.  I will be able to utilize my skills in studying, analyzing, and organizing data specifically in the formation of these group lesson plans.  I will then be responsible for implementing these group lesson plans by conducting the Mental Conditioning Group Workshops. I will be able to develop my oral communication and leadership abilities specifically in my task of conducting these Group Workshops.  Finally, I will also be involved in Video Production and Editing of tapes of the athletes training on court.  With this opportunity, I will learn techniques with Dartfish and other varying video editing software. This experience will demonstrate to me how current technologies are valuable and salient to the Sports Psychology and Mental Conditioning field.  Together, all of these activities will serve to increase my knowledge in the realm of Sports Psychology and Mental Conditioning.

How the student will know if he/she achieved these goals:
I will be able to gauge my level of proficiency in utilizing Sports Psychology and Mental Conditioning data, my development in oral communication and leadership skills, and my overall knowledge gained primarily by noticing how the athletes in the academy respond to the Group Workshops.  This response will be evident verbally in the Group Workshop discussions, as well as visually when I observe all of the athletes in their training on court.
Additionally, at our regular meetings that will be held between the supervisor and the interns, we will be able to discuss how effective our implementation and delivery of Mental Conditioning is for the athletes in the academy.  I will also be able to meet privately with the supervisor in order to be in open dialogue with him about how my involvement is going and to get feedback on areas where I can improve.  My supervisor will also provide me with various self-evaluation reports for reflective learning purposes.


What the student is hoping to learn:
This summer, I will learn to:

  • address basic needs of the elderly, such as food and housing, health and wellness services, and life management skills;
  • provide social, cultural, religious, and educational activities to alleviate isolation and to bring the generations together;
  • promote an ethic of volunteerism; and
  • foster respect for human dignity among people of all ages in accordance with Jewish values.

How the student hopes to achieve these goals:
By helping to deliver vital services to the homebound elderly, I am helping to forge loving bonds within communities across New York City. Also, in helping these seniors to cope with day-to-day routines that have become arduous or nearly impossible for them to accomplish, I hope to gain a better appreciation for the things that I so often take advantage of. As a DOROT volunteer, I will assist in providing necessary resources to thousands of sick and elderly individuals across New York City. During my experience at DOROT I know that I will gain meaningful friendships and reap the knowledge from the stories and experiences shared by these wise individuals.

How the student will know if he/she achieved these goals:
By the end of this internship opportunity I hope to have a better understanding of my own future career goals or aspirations, and that this opportunity has prepared me for my future goals both professionally and personally. This DOROT internship should help in developing my leadership and communication skills; it should teach me the ins-and-outs of running a non-profit organization, as well as give me an opportunity to serve and interact with my peers and community.