Migration Phase 4

Phase 4 includes includes research centers and institutes prioritized by site traffic over a 12-month period, research labs, special events and initiatives.

Please prepare your site for migration prior to meeting with your Web Team Contact.

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Order Website Name Web Team Contact Status
Ethics Center
     Deis Impact
     Peacebuilding and the Arts
          Acting Together
5 Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism TBD TBD
6 Schusterman Center Complete
7 Women's Studies Research Center (WSRC) TBD TBD
8 Crown Center TBD TBD
9 Hadassah-Brandeis Institute (HBI) TBD TBD
10 Cohen Center TBD TBD
11 Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) TBD TBD
12 Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education TBD TBD
13 Brandeis-Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry (BGI) TBD TBD
14 Tauber Institute TBD TBD
15 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center TBD TBD
16 Mandel Center for the Humanities TBD TBD
17 Steinhardt Social Research Institute TBD TBD
18 Center for German and European Studies (CGES) TBD TBD
19 Boston Roybal Center for Active Lifestyle Interventions TBD TBD
20 Rosalind Barnett TBD TBD
21 Institute for Informal Jewish Education TBD TBD
22 Sarnat Center TBD TBD
23 Graybiel Spatial Orientation Lab TBD TBD
24 Angela Gutchess Lab TBD TBD
25 Wangh Lab TBD TBD
26 Jytte Klausen's Western Jihadism Project TBD TBD
27 Global Brandeis TBD TBD
28 Lifespan Initiative TBD TBD
29 C-Change TBD TBD
30 Women in Science Initiative (WiSI) TBD TBD
31 Al-Quds Partnership TBD TBD
32 Festival of the Arts TBD TBD
33 Concert Season TBD TBD
34 Brandeis Tickets TBD TBD
35 LDB 100 TBD TBD
36 MusicUnitesUS TBD TBD
37 Seminar on Contemporary Jewish Life TBD TBD
38 Brandeis National Committee TBD TBD
39 Feminist Sexual Ethics Project TBD TBD
40 Mortimer Hays Traveling Fellowship TBD TBD
41 Ruderman Social Justice in Disability Scholars Program TBD TBD
42 Louis Brandeis Legacy Fund TBD TBD
43 Richman Distinguished Fellow in Public Life TBD TBD
44 Gittler Prize TBD TBD