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Transfer Credit

Undergraduate Substitution Requests

Online Petition to Request Substitution for a Requirement -  This form can be used by undergraduate students who have already declared the major or minor and would like to request any of the following:

  • That a major or minor requirement be met by a course taken at Brandeis University.  Please Note:  HSSP majors requesting a substitution for their Hands On Experience must use the HSSP HOE Substitution Form.
  • That a major or minor requirement be met by a course taken outside of Brandeis (Study Abroad, non-Brandeis Summer School course, etc.).  Please note that the course must already be on the student's Brandeis transcript before the petition for substitution can be made.  
  • That a General University Requirement be met by a course taken during a program approved by Brandeis Study Abroad Office.  This course must already have been transferred to your Brandeis undergraduate record before the petition can be submitted. 

Students making changes to their Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM) should contact Julia Moffitt Mani, IIM Coordinator, in Academic Services.

Substitution Request for HSSP Hands-On-Experience

Undergraduate Transfer Credit

Internal Transfer Credit (TC06)

Non-Brandeis Summer School

Summer Study Abroad (TC07)

Petition for Transfer Credit for College Work Done While in High School

Senior Extended Credit Course Petition (TC04)

Petition for Transfer Credit While on Medical Leave of Absence (TC05)

Graduate transfer credit

Internal Transfer Credit Request (TC06)

External Source Graduate Transfer Credit (TC09)