Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find my Sage ID?

Your Sage ID# can be found in your student center in Sage.  Once you log into your student center, click on the box titled “find my sage id#” at the top right of the screen.

How do I know if there is a hold on my account?

Log into Sage and view your Student Center.  There is a “Holds” box on the right side of the screen.  If you have a hold, click on the link to view the name and phone extension of the person you can contact about your hold. Only the office that placed the hold can remove it. 

Can I register for classes if I have a hold?

You must have the hold cleared by the office that placed the hold before you will be able add classes to your schedule.  

Where can I find Sage user guides?

Please visit  The link for Sage user guides is on the left side of the screen. 

How can I recover my Sage or UNet Login and Password?

You can use the Brandeis UNet Account Tools or contact the Library and Technology Helpdesk at 781-736-HELP or

Where do I enter a consent code to enroll in a class?

Log into Sage.  Select "Add/Drop/Swap" classes. Make sure you are on the Add tab. Select the class that you want to add. On the next page that class will appear alone. Click on the title of the course. This is a link that will pull up another screen. Type the 6-digit code into the box called "Class Permissions." Then follow the steps at the bottom of the screen.  

 The Sage Users Guide provides more details (including screen shots) on using permission codes.

Where do I enter drop codes to drop a class?

Log into Sage.  Select "Add/Drop/Swap" classes. Make sure you are on the Drop tab. Select the class that you want to drop.  On the next page that class will appear alone. Click on the title of the course. This is a link that will pull up another screen. Type the 6-digit code into the box called "Class Permissions." Then follow the steps at the bottom of the screen.

The Sage Users Guide provides more details (including screen shots) on using permission codes.

Why is my permission number not working?

It may be expired, used by another student or may not be the correct code for the course. Please contact the Registrar’s office to verify that you have a valid code.

Where can I find information on pass/fail?
Please see the Pass/Fail Grading Option.
How do I register for two courses that have a conflicting recitation or overlapping course time?
Please submit a completed time conflict form during the registration period.  Both instructors must sign it.  When you bring the form back to the registrar's office, we will manually add you to the course.  The form is available at
How do I reorder a lost or damaged diploma?

Please see our replacement diploma order instructions at

Is there a fee for ordering transcripts?

There is no fee for official paper transcripts.  For official electronic transcripts there is a fee of $2.25 - $4.00 per recipient.  

How do I order a transcript?

There are 3 ways to order an official transcript:

  1. Brandeis offers official electronic transcripts. There is a $4 charge for official electronic transcripts. Find out more details about e-transcripts.
  2. Those with access to Sage, can request an official paper transcript directly from the student system.  Simply log into and click on "transcripts/enrollment verifications."  Requests submitted via Sage are printed and mailed on the next business day.  There is no charge for official paper transcripts.
  3. Those who cannot access Sage, can request a transcript using the Transcript Request Form.  Print, complete and sign the form.  Then mail, fax (781-736-3485) or e-mail ( it to our office.  It takes 2 business days to process transcript requests that are submitted using the Transcript Request Form.
I need my transcript or other documents very quickly. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

The fastest method of obtaining your transcript is to order an electronic transcript

 We can also send documents via an express mail carrier.  Our preferred carrier is UPS.  Requesters may use Fedex or DHL; however, a pick-up must be scheduled and coordinated with the Registrar's Office.  Please see more detailed instructions about express shipping here.

Can you hold my transcript request until my grade change is posted?

We can do so when you order paper transcripts using the Transcript Request Form.  Simply select the option "Release after all grades are finalized and appear on transcript" on the form.  

For electronic transcripts and those ordered via Sage, you will have to monitor your grades then order after all grades are available.  

Can I obtain a document that can verify that I am a student at Brandeis?

Current students can order an enrollment verification letter online using Sage.  Current and former students can also make a request via e-mail, by phone or by filling out a verification request form at our office.  Processing time is two business days.

Brandeis has also authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for verification of student enrollment status and degrees.  You can find more information about enrollment verification letters here.

I am taking a summer school course at another school. Can I receive credit towards the 128 credits needed for graduation?

No. Non-Brandeis summer school courses are taken for purpose credit only. They can be used to fulfill a university requirement or a major/minor requirement, but do not count as numeric credit towards the 128 credits required to graduate from Brandeis University.

I am an incoming mid-year student. Can I take courses during the fall semester at another institution?

If you are an incoming mid-year student and would like to take courses during the fall semester at another institution, these courses must be pre-approved by the Registrar’s Office. To obtain pre-approval, please e-mail information about the courses to Include the name of the college, course title, full course description including prerequisites and the number of credits associated with the course. Course approval will not be granted over the phone. 

Where can I find information on Commencement?

Please visit the Conference and Events website at

Where can I find the Academic Calendar?

Please visit Links for more detailed calendars are available on the right side of the screen.

Am I eligible for cross-registration?

In general, full-time students are eligible to cross-register for one course per semester at consortium schools. For more information on cross-registration please see

Has my instructor given me a grade yet?

Students can check their grades by logging into Sage and checking their study list or by viewing their transcript online. At the end of each semester, students may have a course evaluation hold placed on their account that will prevent them from viewing their grades. This hold is removed automatically within a few hours of the student completing their course evaluations in every class.

Has the instructor changed my grade yet?

Students can check their grade by logging into sage and checking their study list or by viewing their transcript online. Grade changes may not be immediately available as they go through an approval process.

How do I withdraw or take a leave of absence from the University?

The student should speak to his/her class advisor in the Office of Academic Services.

I am taking a Senior Thesis (99d) this semester. Do I have to register for it again for the second semester?

Normally, students do not need to register for the second semester. The course registration should roll over into the second semester so you do not have to add it again. If the second semester has not been added to your schedule by the first day of classes, please contact the Registrar’s office. 

Can I start a Senior Thesis (99d) in the spring semester?

Yes, sometimes students want to add the first semester of the thesis sequence in the spring and they may do so. The student should fill out an add/drop form and have the proper signatures.  

Can I drop a Senior Thesis (99d) after just one semester?

Students wishing to drop the 99d for spring term may do so with the instructor signature. The instructor must also submit to our office a letter grade for the fall term.

How can a graduate student register for an undergraduate class (a class with a number less than 100)?

Graduate students can sign up for undergraduate courses online with a permission code or they can fill out a paper add/drop form and obtain the appropriate signatures.  If the student wants graduate-level credit for the class, the student must complete the Special Petition form and return it to our office. 

Can I take six classes this semester? Do I have to pay more?

If approved, all returning undergraduate students may take a sixth course. First-year students (freshmen) are NOT allowed to take six courses. You must visit the Office of Academic Services to get more information about the petition process. There is a fee for taking a schedule over 22 credits in any semester. Please review the University Bulletin or contact the Office of Student Financial Services for fee information. 

Can I audit a class, if I don’t need it for my major?

Only graduate students can audit courses with the permission of the instructor and their program advisor. Courses taken for audit appear on the transcript.

Undergraduate students cannot audit a class and have it appear on their transcript
I don’t want to take a PE class, do I have to?

PE is a degree requirement, but testing is offered at the start of the semester to all new students and sophomores. PE credit can also be earned through participation in varsity sports, military service or CPR certification. See the University Bulletin for details.

Can I take two PE classes in one semester?

Yes, students may take as many PE classes as they wish.  PE is a non-credit activity and therefore is not calculated against the maximum credits per semester. Student can repeat a PE class in a different semester.