Midyear Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Brandeis University!

A combined maximum of 4 courses (16 credits) from external sources may be applied toward the 32 courses (128 credits) needed for graduation at Brandeis.  For students who applied for fall-term admission as freshmen, but who were accepted for the following spring term as members of the midyear class, these external credits may also be earned using:

  • Approved college courses taken during the fall semester immediately prior to entering Brandeis;
  • Approved General Chemistry I and II (lecture/lab) courses taken the summer prior to entering Brandeis

To request pre-approval, please complete the online Midyear Course Petition form.  Once your petition is reviewed, you will receive a decision by e-mail.  If you are taking courses through the Arcadia London Midyear Program, CET Florence Midyear Program or the American University Washington Mentorship Program, then you DO NOT have to complete this petition form. For more information on these programs, please visit http://www.brandeis.edu/abroad/midyear.html.

After you complete your pre-approved courses, please send an official transcript to:

Sandra Fallon-Ludwig
Office of the University Registrar, MS 068
Brandeis University
415 South Street
Waltham, MA 02453

*Please note: Credit is granted based on the principle of “Equivalent Course Load.”  Please see below for a detailed explanation.


The Principle of Equivalent Course Load: 

Brandeis does not measure progress towards the degree in terms of “semester hours” or “quarter hours.” Units such as these are converted to “semester courses” according to the formula below:

We ascertain the number of hours or courses required for the receipt of a bachelor’s degree at the institution from which you are transferring courses. We total the number of credits acceptable to us for transfer credit, divide them by the requirement at your previous institution and multiply by 32 (the degree standard at Brandeis). For example, if your previous school requires 128 credits and you attended one semester, completing 16 credits acceptable for transfer, the equation will be 16/128 x 32 = 4. Hence, one full semester at that institution will receive full credit at Brandeis. If you worked at a higher or lower rate, credit transferred will reflect that rate.  For example, if you complete 12 credits acceptable for transfer at a school that requires 120 credits for graduation, the equation is 12/120 x 32 = 3.  In this scenario, the student will receive 3 Brandeis courses.  For two year schools, we multiply by 16 (e.g., if the degree requirement is 60 credits, the equation will be #/60 x 16 =?)