Discrimination/Bias Support

How do I contact the University Ombuds?

Members of the University Ombuds staff are available as a confidential, independent, impartial and informal source for all members of the Brandeis community. The Ombuds can be contacted by phone at 781-736-2265. For more information you can visit the University Ombuds website.

How do I file a report?

If you are a staff member reporting discrimination or bias from a staff or faculty member (including visiting faculty, post-doctoral fellows, or graduate students acting in an instructional capacity):

Contact Mark Brimhall-Vargas or Elizabeth Herriott Tierney, Esq.

Mark Brimhall-Vargas, chief diversity officer
Gryzmish, Room 105

Elizabeth Herriott Tierney, director of employee & labor relations, and compliance; acting Title IX coordinator
Bernstein-Marcus Administration Building, Room 108

As interim Title IX coordinator, Elizabeth is available to meet with students, staff, and faculty to receive and process complaints of bias, harassment, and discrimination related to any protected classes within our non-discrimination and harassment policy. Engaging the process with Elizabeth is completely confidential. This means that the information she is given during intake is strictly kept within the investigatory process. Though the process is confidential, it is important to note that she may need to take quick corrective action where delay could result in significant harm to the complainant or members of the Brandeis community.

If you are a staff member reporting discrimination from a student or graduate student:

Contact the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards
Shapiro Campus Center 203