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I am an undergraduate student or I know an undergraduate student who ...

has experienced discrimination.
needs someone to talk to.
needs help with housing, or has questions about moving on campus or off-campus

Seeking On-Campus Housing

If a student is seeking on-campus housing they should contact the Department of Community Living to inquire about availability.

Phone: 781-736-5060

Seeking Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing in the Waltham community surrounding Brandeis is extensive and varied. “Off-campus housing” simply refers to any housing not owned and operated by the University. Off-campus housing includes shared housing, apartments, houses, and rooms for rent.

Withdrawing From or Declining On-Campus Housing

Students with assignments for the fall have to complete the Withdraw from Housing form. There is a $500 cancellation fee for any student who would like to move off campus. Students who receive financial aid are encouraged to meet with their financial aid advisor prior to making a housing change to determine the impact this decision may have on their award.

If the student does not have a housing assignment for the fall semester but does have a room selection number, they should complete the Decline from Housing form. There is no fee for this.


lives off-campus. Who can they call for help?
needs to report an accessibility issue on campus.

Use this form to report how accommodations are implemented in a particular course, general campus accessibility issues, or attitudinal/climate observations.