Confidential Complaint Procedure

Brandeis University encourages its community members to share their concerns and suggestions about their experiences at Brandeis. The university seeks to maintain a supportive and receptive environment for all of its community members, including faculty, staff, students and visitors.

If a community member believes that misconduct is occurring, he or she should make a report of that misconduct. Misconduct may arise in connection with sponsored research activities or financial matters, such as improper reporting or misuse of assets. Misconduct is also possible with respect to improper treatment of an employee (such as sexual harassment).


Reports of misconduct should be made to a community member’s supervisor or, if the community member is a student, to the dean of students. Reports or complaints concerning misconduct may also be directed to the vice president for human resources on a confidential basis. Phone reports may be made to the vice president for human resources at ext. 6-4489; letters may be marked “Confidential, for Addressee Only” and sent to the vice president at Mailstop 118.

The university will handle each allegation confidentially, to the extent possible under the circumstances. Certain types of misconduct are reviewed or investigated under a specific university policy, such as the university’s "research misconduct" policy and procedures. Brandeis is committed to the prevention of retaliation against community members who make use of this confidential complaint procedure. In order to receive this protection, community members must act in good faith and in the reasonable belief that misconduct has occurred or is occurring.

Brandeis community members are encouraged to come forward personally with their reports. However, the university will also review anonymous complaints, provided that enough factual information is offered to permit an effective inquiry.

If a community member is concerned about confidentiality, or wishes to remain anonymous when reporting an allegation of misconduct, he or she may utilize the Reporting at Brandeis Directory to direct them to the correct form.