Students discuss campus sustainability practices

Students gather for sustainability symposium

Dining Services introduces compostable tableware

Speakers discuss recycling, composting practices

Univ. to add more LED lights on campus

University begins using ‘recycled content’ paper

Facilities staff shares impact of Turn It Off day program

SCC brighter and more energy efficient after $200,000 lighting project

Brandeis Sustainability Ambassadors act as student resource

Graduate students create campaign for compost

14 ways Brandeis became more sustainable in 2017

New Solar Panels on Library Double Solar Power Generated at Brandeis University

Brandeis commutes green with RideAmigos

Students compete in sustainability contest to learn, improve habits and win prizes

deiSic fosters green ideas

Sustainability Committee Asks University to Continue Efforts

President Liebowitz joins leaders in supporting Paris climate accord

Brandeis University to Install 1.3 MW Solar Array to Save up to $2M in Energy Costs Over 20 Years

Brandeis launches new carpooling program for faculty, staff and students

Brandeis reaches campus sustainability milestone as initiatives continue

Barbecue for 700: just one bag of trash

Composting Rate Rises Nine Percent as Univ. Implements Campus-Wide Initiatives

Presentation Highlights Sustainability Efforts

Tapping into Local Food Sources, Turning off Power and Tuning into Sustainability 

University Uses 30% more Energy than Peers

Food Tank Offers Food for Thought

Students, Faculty and Staff to Compete in Upcoming Sustainability Contest

Green Office Certification

Earn points for greening your office! With Green Office Certification, you can learn how, and get the tools to:

  • Eliminate reliance on bottled water service
  • Transition your coffee service to all-compostable without added cost
  • Compost in your office

And more!

Sign up here to get started on this 2-step process.

Step 1: We'll work with you to set up a time for the undergraduate Brandeis Sustainability Ambassadors to meet with your office members, where they will present information about green office practices in the Green Office checklist, and answer questions. This could be a separate meeting, or a 20 minute segment of a regularly scheduled staff meeting, for example. 

Green Office checklist

Step 2: Score your office in the Green Office Checklist in column E, according to the "Points possible" in column D. The Brandeis Sustainability Ambassadors can assist you in filling out the checklist. Please contact for assistance. (Any item that is not applicable to your office will be automatically removed from the total possible points, so that the item(s) will not be held against you.)

After receiving your score, you'll receive a medal to post in your office!