Thinking Green in Massell Quad

Oct. 06, 2011

wormsTwenty first year students chose to live green at Brandeis before they even arrived. They have joined together in a  Common Cause Community, called Thinking Green, for the 2011-2012 year.  The first year students applied to live on the sustainable themed floor, located in Massell Quad, last spring. Their Community Advisor (CA) is Lilian Medford, an Eco-Rep and active sustainability champion,  “We nicknamed it “The Greenhouse,” said Medford.   

Living on a community-oriented floor allows students to bond and to work together towards common goals.  “The students are really enthusiastic about getting initiatives rolling,” said Medford.  “All of the students on the floor have Certified Green Rooms.  It’s amazing.  They not only live and volunteer with our floor but also with SEA, Natural Living Club, and other initiatives on campus.”   

As the CA for the green floor, Medford has brainstormed fun, eco-friendly activities for her hall.  “We volunteered as a hall for the Move in Market which was a great experience to have together.  It gave us great hall bonding time.”  In addition, the floor attended a mini-retreat with a panel of environmental sustainability leaders on campus, including Environmental Studies Professor Laura Goldin, Professor Sabin Von Mering, and Sustainability Coordinator, Janna Cohen Rosenthal.

Next on Medford’s list of events is a trip to the Museum of Science.  “In October we plan to see an iMax movie there and of course we will be taking public transportation.  We are also hoping to do a volunteer day with Community Connections in Waltham Group.  We will do a Charles River clean up and then go kayaking at the end of the day.” 

While the green hall is focused on sustainability, including maintaining vermiculture or worm composting, the goals of the hall go beyond energy efficient living.  “Our goal is to build a community of peer leaders and a tight-knit community of friends,” said Medford.