Brandeis Students for Tar Sands Action

Nov. 09, 2011

sLast Sunday, 15 Brandeis students joined hands and surrounded the White House with 12,000 other protesters. The massive gathering was held to call on Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The Keystone pipeline was proposed by TransCanada to transport dirty tar sands oil across America’s heartland from Canada to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.  
When asked about his reasons for coming Harrison Goldspiel ‘13 had a lot to say:  “The pipeline is a horrible  idea for many reasons. First, it requires massive deforestation and land reform displacing many indigenous communities. The extraction of the tar sands oil is a very disruptive process and relies on huge amounts of fuel and the installation of the pipeline encroaches on thousands of farms and homes across the United States. The pipeline also goes through the Ogallala aquifer, one of the largest sources of drinking water in America. Finally, development of the tar sands would produce an enormous of carbon dioxide a leading greenhouse gas. As NASA scientist Jim Hansen has stated, building this pipeline would essentially be ‘Game over’ for the climate.” j
When asked about allegations that the pipeline would help the economy, Brandeis students were quick to point out that the pipeline would actually cause more job loss than job growth.
Eco-Rep Tali Smookler ’13 was also thrilled to be at the protest. “Holding hands around the White House was a very powerful way of getting our message across, and there were many enthusiastic people leading creative chants. And as exciting as the day was, the message was clear that this wasn't the end of demonstrating, but that in order to be successful we really need to continue the momentum in our hometowns.”
Students wishing to become more involved with stopping the pipeline are encouraged to contact Dorian Williams at
Written by: Geneva Boyer '14