Brandeis Sustainability Fund Vote Occurring April 26

Apr. 26, 2010

Special Election

Brandeis undergraduate students can vote on Monday, April 26, 2010 on a proposal to create a Brandeis Sustainability Fund.  Learn more about the issue and make your opinion heard by voting.
Starting at Midnight on April 25, 2010 vote here:

Universities with Student "Green Fees" or Sustainability Funds:

Appalachian State University: $5.00 per semester
Auraria Campuses: University of Colorado at Denver, Metro State University and Community College of Denver: $1 dollar per semester
Colorado College: $20.00 per semester
Connecticut College: $25.00 per year
Eastern University: $25.00 per year
Humboldt State University: $10.00 per semester
Middle Tennessee State University: $8.00 per semester
UC Berkeley: $5.00 per semester
UC Los Angeles: $4.00 per quarter
UC Santa Barbara: $2.60 per quarter
University of Denver: $6.00 per quarter
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill: $4.00 per semester
Western Washington University: $10.50 per semester 

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) has a list of colleges and universities that have implemented various types of green or energy fees.
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the Sustainability Fund?

The Brandeis Sustainability Fund will provide grants, advice and support to students for their projects promoting sustainability. Projects that receive funding could relate to energy efficiency, green buildings, waste management, renewable energy purchases, greening student events, and so much more! The money in this fund is for you to implement your ideas on how to make our community less ecologically destructive and more sustainable.  

What is the fee? 
The money in this fund will be collected from a $7.50 fee per semester from every undergraduate student. This is through a $7.50 increase per semester in the Student Activities Fee that every undergraduate pays.   

Who can use it? 
You!! Any undergraduate student that pays the small fee can submit proposals to get a grant! This is your money for you to use!
Why should there be a Sustainability Fund?
This fund is the next step forward for the sustainability of Brandeis. As a society we are increasingly aware of the adverse affects of carbon emissions on the global climate and as we move towards... continue