Are Those Plants in the Village Windows?

Jan. 26, 2012

window farms

Eve Markvardt ‘13 applied to the 2011 Brandeis Sustainability Fund with an unusual idea: to take advantage of the large windows in the Village residence hall and install Windowfarms.  Windowfarms utilize the natural light from the window to allow users to grow fresh herbs and vegetables year round in a four foot tall hanging planter. The design is innovative because it does not use soil but instead organic "liquid soil." or a hydroponic growing system.  To Markvardt’s delight, the project was approved and the Windowfarms will hopefully be in place later this spring.  Markvardt explained, “as soon as the Windowfarms will start producing, the Village residents will be able to use fresh herbs and vegetables in their everyday cooking!”

Home growing organic herbs and vegetables is a great way to eat sustainably. Non-organic foods can contain harmful pesticides that hurt the Earth and the consumer.  Also, eating home-grown herbs and vegetables eliminates the negative environmental impacts of transporting food.  Plus, fresh vegetables look and taste amazing.  Windowfarms is only one way to exercise sustainable eating practices.  Cutting down meat consumption and buying from local farmers are some other ideas to try. If you want to plant your own version of Windowfarms you can look at instructions online to build your own out of recycled materials.