Did you open an UNet account?

New Brandeis students should open a UNet account to create their Brandeis e-mail address and log in. Go to identity.brandeis.edu and follow the instructions in your 'DEIS connect page.

Building your class schedule?

Read our tips and tricks for building your class schedule. Generally the schedule for next fall is available in early April and the schedule for next spring is available in early June.

Student Account Center Participant Access

The Office of Student Financial Services has more information on how to grant parents, or other trusted third parties, access to view your Student Account Center.

Registration Activities

group of students studying

We know you have many questions about what you should do over the summer as you get ready to come to Brandeis. We have three important activities for you to complete this summer (and some keys dates) as you prepare to come to campus.

Online Writing Assessment

The online writing assessment helps determine your placement in first year writing courses. The assessment is available on May 7, 2019 and students must complete the assessment by May 22, 2019.

Results of the writing assessment will be e-mailed by Jun 7. For more information, visit the Online Writing Assessment page or contact the Senior Academic Coordinator for the Writing Program, Leah Steele (lsteele@brandeis.edu).

Rank Your UWS Preferences

  • The University Writing Seminar (UWS) is a requirement for all first-year students. The topics for each section of UWS vary. All new students, whether coming to Brandeis in the fall or in the spring, should participate in the UWS selection process. From Jun 17 - Jun 24, 2019 students must log on to Sage to enter UWS class selections. Students placed in a fall section are expected to complete UWS in the fall semester. Students placed in a spring section are expected to complete UWS in the spring semester or enroll in the prior fall term. Students who enroll in Composition (COMP) in the fall must take UWS in the spring.
  • Enrollment in each seminar is limited, and students are asked to rank their preferences for UWS classes. A lottery process is used to assign students to one of their choices; the majority of students receive one of their top five choices. To rank your top choices, log into your Student Center in Sage. In the Academics section, click on the "Required Seminar Pre-Selection" link.
  • To view the list of UWS sections offered by time and topic, please visit the schedule of classes. Click on the Course # for a complete description of the topic.
  • Brandeis offers a composition course (COMP) for incoming students who would benefit from additional writing instruction. Students placed in COMP select their section by schedule only.
  • You will know your assigned UWS section around June 26. Students may add or swap UWS on a seat available basis until Sept 3, 2019 (fall) and Jan 17, 2020 (spring). To drop UWS, students must contact the Registrar's office.

Register for Your Classes!

On Jun 27, students will be able to log into Sage and view their UWS enrollment in their class schedule

To enroll in classes, log into Sage from Jul 9 - Jul 14, 2019. This week of July registration is for new students only.

Registration for Fall 2019 is open for all students daily between Jul 17 - Sept 11, 2019. From Aug 3 - 18, 2019 registration in Sage will be open between noon and 11:59 p.m. EDT to accommodate financial aid processing.

The first day of instruction for fall is Aug 28, 2019.