Check Your Graduation Audit

If you log onto SAGE, you can check your progress towards graduation. Just go to Undergraduate Degree Audit, and from there, you can see how you are progressing toward your university requirements. If you have declared a major, you can also see how you are progressing toward your major requirements.

Graduation Requirements

graduating seniors

To earn a Bachelor's degree, students must satisfy all of the following requirements:

Complete at least 128 credits

The average courseload is either four or four and a half classes each semester. A student, though, may take as few as three classes or as many as five and a half courses in one semester in an academic year.  If a student completes four full credit classes each year, four credits for each class, he or she will have enough credits to graduate in eight semesters.  While a requirement, PE classes do not carry any credit hours.  In addition, a student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 to graduate.

Fulfill Semesters Required for Graduation

Brandeis prides itself on the rigorous academic training of its undergraduates.  Therefore, students must complete a minimum number of Brandeis semesters and credits. Click here to review a complete explanation of these requirements in the University Bulletin.

Complete Requirements for at Least One Major

To graduate, students only need to complete a single major, though, some students decide to have a double major or a major and a minor.  To encourage exploration of different academic fields, students are not required to declare a major until the end of their fourth semester. Then, students may add a second major or additional minors up to the first semester of their senior year. It is, though, strongly encouraged for students to declare majors and minors early on in the process, rather than waiting until their final semesters at Brandeis.  

Complete General University Requirements

The general university requirements reflect Brandeis University's committment to a liberal arts education.To be an educated citizen, it is not enough to know about a single subject, but rather, it is important to have a multidisciplinary education. Brandeis' general requirements provide breadth. They also allow for each student to pursue his or her individual interests. Students interested in studying abroad, however, should enroll in a foreign language in their first year to ensure that they have enough language credits to gain admission to study abroad programs in their junior year.

The requirements for students entering Brandeis prior to Fall 2019 are:

  • University Writing Seminar (UWS)
  • One Class from the School of Science (SN)
  • One Class from the School of Humanities (HU)
  • One Class from the School of Social Science (SS)
  • One Class from the School of Creative Arts (CA)
  • One Quantitative Reasoning Course (QR)
  • One Non-Western and Comparative Studies Course (NW)
  • Proficiency in a Foreign Language
  • University Writing and Oral Communication Requirement
  • Two Physical Education Classes

Students entering Brandeis Fall 2019 or after the General University requirements will include:

  • University Writing Seminar
  • One course from the School of Science
  • One course from the School of Humanities
  • One course from the School of Social Science
  • One course from the School of Creative Arts
  • One quantitative reasoning course
  • One Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Studies in the United States course
  • One Difference and Justice in the World course
  • Proficiency in a foreign language
  • Writing, digital literacy and oral communication requirements satisfied in the major
  • Three Health, Wellness and Life Skills modules