Critical Conversations

Collage featuring a neon rainbow, the inside of a mushroom, a lit match facing an unlit match, and theater seats representing the 2021–2022 Critical Conversations' theme of Community.

A required part of the Brandeis Core, the First Year Experience includes a series of “Critical Conversations” to introduce students to our academic community, to model the different types of intellectual inquiries available on the university campus, to create a shared experience, and to invite students to think and talk about issues that are central to their educational development and the world around them.

The 2021-22 Critical Conversations focus on the the theme of "community."  

In particular, Critical Conversations feature interdisciplinary conversations that highlight both the range and substance of intellectual activity on our campus, and the ways in which different disciplines present evidence and rhetorical arguments. Because diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of Brandeis’ history and mission, we value and seek participants with a variety of social identities as well as proposals that engage with ongoing conversations about diversity and social justice.