School of Arts and Sciences

Michael L. Walzer '56 Award for Teaching

The Michael L. Walzer '56 Award for Teaching is given annually to a tenure-track faculty member who combines superlative scholarship with inspired teaching.

The $2,500 award is presented annually at the April faculty meeting.

Faculty, staff, students, and alumni are invited to submit nominations. The recipient is selected by the Dean of Arts and Sciences upon the recommendation of a committee consisting of three faculty, including previous Teaching Prize recipients, in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Decisions are based on nomination letters, teaching evaluations, Faculty Activity Reports and CVs. Nominations are due March 1 of each year.

2024 Recipient | Carolyn Abbott, Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Carolyn Abbot has short blonde hair

Nominator Comments
  • "Carolyn is one of the best instructors I have ever had. She has a clear passion for the topic; but above that, she is clearly driven by the need to see her students succeed."
  • "Professor Abbott makes math, one of the most complicated and abstract topics, into something so logical and so intuitive that her students can't help but understand it. She guided us each step of the way until we were smart enough to use the logic ourselves."

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Department(s)
2023 W. Benjamin Rogers Physics
2022 Gregory Childs History
2021 Wangui Muigai History and African and African American Studies
2020 Hannah Muller History
2019 Naghmeh Sohrabi History
2018 Anita Hannig Anthropology
2017 Derron Wallace Education, Sociology
2016 Jasmine Johnson African and African American Studies; Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
2015 Isaac Krauss Chemistry
2014 Xing Hang History
2013 Sara Shostak Sociology
2012 Christine Thomas Chemistry
2011 Tory Fair Fine Arts
2010 Maura Jane Farrelly American Studies
2009 Peter Kalb Fine Arts
2008 Wendy Cadge Sociology
2007 Adrianne Krstansky Theater Arts
2006 Donald Katz Psychology, Neuroscience
2005 Janet McIntosh Anthropology
2004 Derek Isaacowitz Psychology
2003 Can Erbil Economics
2002 ChaeRan Freeze Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
2001 Chad Brown Economics
2000 Michael Randall Romance and Comparative Literature
1999 Govind Sreenivasan History
1998 No prize awarded
1997 Sarah Lamb Anthropology
1996 Lynette Bosch Fine Arts
1995 Jane Kamensky History
1994 Neil Simister Biology
1993 Mary Campbell English and American Literature
1992 Thomas Pochapsky Chemistry
1991 Marc Brettler Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
1990 Philip Harper English and American Literature
1989 William Flesch English and American Literature
1988 Helena Michie English and American Literature
1987 Andreas Teuber Philosophy
1986 Joseph Cunningham Psychology
1985 James Merod English and American Literature
1984 Martha Morrison Classical Studies
1983 Jeffrey Abramson Politics
1982 Malcolm Watson Psychology