School of Arts and Sciences

Degree Programs Featuring Data Science

School of Arts and Sciences

Michtom School of Computer Science offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees in computer science, as well as several master's degree programs, and a doctoral program.

Computational linguistics is a burgeoning field, and skills are in high-demand in many areas, including speech recognition, artificial intelligence, machine translation, big data, automated text analysis and web search. Brandeis offers three graduate degree programs for students interested in this field.

The Rabb School for Continuing Studies

The Rabb School for Continuing Studies has master's programs in applied data science fields, including:

Courses in Data Science

Students seeking a technical foundation in data science may consider courses in computer science, computational linguistics, applied mathematics and more.

A few examples include:

  • COSI 101a Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • COSI 123A Statistical Machine Learning
  • COSI 126a Introduction to Data Mining
  • COSI 129a Introduction to Big Data Analysis
  • COSI 149B Practical Machine Learning with Big Data
  • COSI 114a,b Fundamentals of Natural Language Processing I and II
  • COSI 134a Statistical Approaches to Natural Language Processing
  • COSI 140b Natural Language Annotation for Machine Learning
  • Business 241A Machine Learning and Data Analysis for Business and Finance
  • ECON 151a Statistical Modeling with R for Economics and Finance
  • MATH 122a Numerical Methods and Big Data
  • RSAN 101 Foundations of Data Science and Analytics
  • RSAN 120 Statistics and Data Analysis
  • RSAN 130 Data Visualization for Strategic Analytics
  • RSAN 160 Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning