Requirements for the Undergraduate Concentration

Biochemistry student in class

The requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry are described in the Biochemistry section of the Brandeis University Bulletin

The advanced courses required for the Biochemistry major are demanding and require a strong background in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Biochemistry majors are typically students with excellent performance in the introductory courses in these subjects.

Students intending to pursue a Biochemistry major should select with care the science and mathematics courses they take during their first two years of study.  For further information on course selection, please read the Frequently Asked Questions page

Most courses required for the major are offered every year in either Spring or Fall semester, but usually not both.  Students should consult the Schedule of Classes for information about the timing of course offerings.

Students with questions about the Biochemistry major should contact Jeff Gelles, Professor of Biochemistry and Undergraduate Advising Head.